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Hospital Cost Report Public Use File

The Hospital Cost Report Public Use File (Hospital Cost Report PUF) presents select measures provided by hospitals through their annual cost report, and is organized at the hospital level.  The Hospital Cost Report PUF is available in a downloadable, user-friendly Excel format.  The PUF does not contain all measures reported in the cost reports, but rather includes a subset of commonly used measures.  Any hospital that submitted a cost report in a given year will be included in the PUF.  For a full list of variables included in this PUF and their descriptions, please see the “Documentation” tab in the Excel file below. 

The variables in the Hospital Cost Report PUF have not been edited or changed and will be identical to what is available in the online HCRIS system in the 2014 SAS dataset as of July 15, 2018. Please note however that the HCRIS datasets are updated quarterly, while the PUF is created annually, and therefore the data may not match if compared to later versions of the HCRIS files. For more information, please see

Interactive Dataset: Hospital Cost Report Public Use File 2014

Downloadable Excel: Hospital Cost Report Public Use File 2014