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Roadmap to Better Care

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My Health Coverage at a Glance — English (PDF)

My Health Coverage at-a-Glance is meant to be customized for individual consumers specific to their health plan. Know information about your plan, what you pay for health care, and where to go — all on one page.

This resource is available in nine languages:

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Health Coverage

Getting the Care You Need: A Guide to People with Disabilities

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Getting the Care You Need: A Guide to People with Disabilities — English (PDF)

Part of our strategy to foster innovation is giving you tools and resources to empower patients. Download and share this access to care guide for people with disabilities. A Braille version is available. To request a physical copy, please contact the healthequityTA@cms.hhs.gov mailbox.

This resource is available in eight languages:

Diabetes Resources

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Managing Diabetes: Medicare Coverage & Resources (PDF)

This fact sheet includes tips to help patients manage diabetes as well as information on cost-saving programs and Medicare coverage of medications, testing, and supplies.

This resource is available in eight languages:

C2C Telehealth Resources

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Telehealth: What to Know for Your Family — English (PDF)

Patients can find out the types of care they can receive through telehealth, how to prepare for an appointment, what to expect during a visit, and more

This resource is available in eight languages:

Shareable Graphics

Please share the below social media graphics on your channels with the hashtag "#Coverage2Care" to help spread the word about these new resources and keep everyone informed on telehealth.


For Patients


Additional Resources for Patients

C2C COVID-19 Resources

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Coronavirus and Your Health Coverage: Get the Basics (PDF)

Learn how to protect yourself and your family during COVID-19 with tips for staying healthy. This resource also has information about what health services are typically covered under Medicare and Marketplace plans and additional resources.

This resource is available in eight versions:

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Stay Safe: Getting the Care You Need at Home (PDF)

Get tips for how to stay healthy during COVID-19 with information about scheduling health appointments from home and planning ahead for prescriptions.

This resource is available in eight versions:

For more information about COVID-19, visit the COVID-19 Resources for Minority and Underserved Populations web page.

Shareable COVID-19 Resources

Please share the below COVID-19 social media resources on your channels with the hashtag #Coverage2Care to help everyone remain safe and healthy during this public health emergency. Click below to find graphics and GIFs available in eight languages. For more C2C materials, please visit the Partner Resources web page.

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Download the above graphic as a GIF or PNG

These graphics are available in eight languages:

Arabic | ةي برع ل
Chinese | 中文
Haitian Creole | Kreyòl Ayisyen
Korean | 한국어
Russian | Русский
Spanish | Español
Vietnamese | TIẾNG VIỆT

Coverage to Care Videos

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Coverage to Care Videos: How to Maximize Your Health Coverage

What should you do now that you have health coverage? Watch, download, or share the videos to maximize your health coverage. Videos are also available in Spanish.

Featured Videos

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