Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Jonathan Blum, Principal Deputy Administrator & Chief Operating Officer

John Czajkowski, Deputy Chief Operating Officer

The Office of Security, Facilities and Logistics Operations, Emergency Preparedness & Response Operations, Digital Services Office of Information Technology, Office of Acquisition and Grants Management, Offices of Hearings and Inquiries, Office of Financial Management, Office of Human Capital, and the Office of Strategy, Performance and Results are under the Chief Operating Officer.


Functional Statement

  • Overall responsibility for facilitating the coordination, integration and execution of CMS policies and activities across CMS components, including new program initiatives.
  • Promotes accountability, communication, coordination, and facilitation of cooperative corporate decision-making among CMS senior leadership on management, operational and programmatic cross-cutting issues.
  • Tracks and monitors CMS performance and intervenes, as appropriate, to ensure key milestones/deliverables are successfully achieved. Keeps the Administrator and Principal Deputy Administrator advised of the status of significant national initiatives and programs that affect beneficiaries and/or the health care industry and makes recommendations regarding necessary corrective actions. Oversees enterprise performance reporting and has accountability to ensure the Agency has an understanding of performance, delivery, and progress against enterprise goals.
  • Oversees enterprise risk management and has accountability to ensure the Agency has risk awareness and takes appropriate action to address risk in strategy development, planning, and delivery.
  • Oversees all planning, implementation and evaluation of administrative and operational activities for CMS, including enterprise-wide information systems and services, acquisition and grants, financial management, facilities, and human resources.
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