Office of Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights

Office of Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights

Anita Pinder, Director

Alaina Jenkins, Deputy Director

Functional Statement

  • Provides CMS-wide leadership and advice on issues of diversity, civil rights, and promotion of a supportive work environment for CMS employees.
  • Develops, implements and manages affirmative employment programs. Provides principal advisory, advocacy, and liaison services for the Administrator to CMS leadership and employees concerning equality in employment related issues to ensure a diverse workforce.
  • Develops Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and civil rights compliance policy for CMS. Assesses CMS' compliance with applicable civil rights statutes, executive orders, regulations, policies, and programs.
  • Identifies policy and operational issues and proposes solutions for resolving these issues in partnership with management, Office of the General Counsel, and other organizational entities.
  •  Receives and evaluates complaints for procedural sufficiency; investigates, adjudicates and resolves such complaints.
  • Promotes the representation of minority groups, women, and individuals with disabilities through community outreach and other activities.
  • Resolves informal discrimination complaints by means of EEO counseling and/or Alternative Dispute Resolution.
  • Develops and analyzes data for internal and external reports reflecting the diversity of CMS' workforce and fairness in employment related actions. Makes recommendations to management on changes needed to ensure equal employment opportunity in every respect.
  • Serves as the internal advocate for civil rights and related principles. Provides training, seminars, and technical guidance to CMS staff.


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