D&F Determinations & Findings General
DA Data Acquisition General
DA Data Administration General
DA Data Administrator General
DA Data Analysis General
DA Data Architecture General
DA Direct Access General
DA Dynamic Allocation General
DA&A Drug Addiction & Alcoholism General, Health Care
DAB Departmental Appeals Board General
DAC Discretionary Access Control General
DACA Days After Contract Award General
DAD Data Access Diagram (aka: DSD) General
DAE Data Entity General
DAF Discretionary Adjustment Factor General
DAMA Data Administration Management Association General
DAP Data Administration Plan General
DAP DMERC Advisory Panel General, Health Care
DARC Delete Automatic Renewal Clause General
DARO Days After Receipt of Order General
DAS Distributed Application Services General
DASD Direct Access Storage Device (also Global DASD) General, IT Organization
DASM Data Administration Standards Manual General, IT Organization
DASMB (HHS) Deputy Assistant Secretary for Management & Budget General, Health Care
DAT Decision Analysis Team General
DAT Digital Audio Tape General, IT Organization
DATAMED Medicaid Quality Control System General
DAWN Drug Abuse Warning Network General, Health Care
DB Direct Billing General
DBA Data Base Administrator General, IT Organization
DBA Database Administration General, IT Organization
DBA Doing Business As General
DBC Drug Benefit Calculator IT Organization
DBDB Direct Billing Data Base General
DBE Data Base Environment General, IT Organization
DBF Data Base File (also DB/F) General, IT Organization
DBI Direct Billing Integration General
DBIS Direct Billing Integration System General
DBM Database Management General, IT Organization
DBMS Database Management System General, IT Organization
DBPC Direct Billing Premium Collection General
DBPS Drug Bill Processors General, Health Care
DBRP DB Rules Processors General, IT Organization
DBS Direct Billing System General
DC Data Communications General, IT Organization
DC Data Controls General, IT Organization
DC Deck Checks (also D/C) General, IT Organization
DC Diagnostic Code General, Health Care
DC Discharge General, Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency General
DCB Data Control Block General, IT Organization
DCC Debt Collection Center General
DCCA Data Computer Corporation of America General, IT Organization
DCD Data Carrier Direct General, IT Organization
DCF Dually Certified Facility General, Health Care
DCG Diagnostic Cost Group (Demonstration) General
DCIA Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1966 General
DCIS Debt Collection & Improvement Act General
DCIS Department Contract Information System General
DCN Document Control Number General
DCO Directed Change Order General
DCO Directed Charge Order General
DCP Data Conversion Plan General
DCP Department of Carrier Procedures General, Health Care
DCS Debt Collection System General
DD Data Dictionary General
DD day (i.e., mmddyyyy) General
DD Developmental Disabilities Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
DD/DBA Designation of Data / Database Administration General
DDDL Data Dictionary Definition Language General
DDE Direct Data Entry General, Health Care
DDE Dynamic Data Exchange General
DDI Data Distribution Initiative General
DDL Data Description Language General
DDP Direct Dealing Provider General
DDP Distributed Data Processing General
DDPS Drug Data Processing System IT Organization
DDR Discharge During Referral General, Health Care
DDS Data Dictionary System General
DDS Disability Determination Service General, Health Care
DDS Distributed Database System General
DEA Delegated Examining Authority General
DEA Drug Enforcement Administration (or Agency) General, Health Care
DEAR Department of Energy Acquisition Regulations General
DEBCO Debit & Benefit Conversion Operation (MBR) General
DEC Dual Entitlement Code General
DECC Dental Content Committee Health Care
DED Data Element Dictionary General
DEERS Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DOD, CHAMPUS) General
DEFRA Deficit Reduction Act of 1984 General
DEIS Draft Environmental Impact Statement General
DEL Delivery General
DEMOST Dual Entitlement Maintenance Operation System General
DEP Deputy General
DEPO Division of Enrollment and Payment Operations IT Organization
DEPPM Data Exchange & Participating Physician Monitoring General
DES Data Encryption Standard General, IT Organization
DES Dollar Equivalency System (FTE hrs. worked x $ paid to employee) General
DESI Drug Efficacy Study & Implementation Program General, Health Care
DESY Data Extract Software System General
DF/DSS Data Facility/Data Set Service (Utility Software) General
DFD Data Flow Diagram General
DFLSD Death File Limiting State Death (SSA DUMAS National Death Repository) General, Health Care
DFP Data Facility Product General
DFWA DrugFree Workplace Act of 1988 General
DHHS Department of Health & Human Services Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
DHHSAA DHHS Audit Agency General, Health Care
DHWHIM Daily Health Insurance Master Health Insurance Merge General, Health Care
DI Disability Insurance Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
DIA Defense Intelligence Agency General
DIB Data Integrity Board General
DIB Disability Insurance Beneficiary General, Health Care
DICOM Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine Health Care
DIDO Duplication In, Duplication Out General
DII Defense Information Infrastructure General
DIMES Departmental Information Management Exchange System General
DIP Dual InLine Package General
DIRT Distributed Index of Rejected Transactions General
DIS Disabled (beneficiary) Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
DISA Data Interchange Standards Association Health Care
DISA Direct Inward System Access General
DISC Departmental Independent Study Center General
DIU Defense Intelligence University General
DJ Department of Justice (DOJ) General
DL Data Language General
DLL Dynamic Linked Libraries General
DLRO Designated Lead Regional Office General
DM Data Manager General
DM Data Model General
DM&S (DVA) Department of Medicine & Surgery General, Health Care
DMCL Data Base Management Control Language General, IT Organization
DMD Data Model Diagram General, IT Organization
DME Distributed Management Environment General
DME Durable Medical Equipment Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
DMEFS Durable Medical Equipment Fee Schedule General, Health Care
DMEPOS Durable Medical Equipment Prosthetic, Orthotics & Supplies General, Health Care
DMERC Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carrier Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
DML Data Management Language General, IT Organization
DML Data Manipulation Language General, IT Organization
DMP Data Match Project General, IT Organization
DMS Data Mass Storage General, IT Organization
DMS Disk Management System General, IT Organization
DMS/OS DASD Management System General, IT Organization
DMSS Data Management SubSystem Capabilities General, IT Organization
DNA Data Normalization Analysis General, IT Organization
DNC Data Network Contractor General, IT Organization
DNMNTR Denominator System General, IT Organization
DO Data Owner General, IT Organization
DO District Office IT Organization
DOA Department of Agriculture General
DOB Date of Birth Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
DOC Days of Care General, Health Care
DOC Department of Commerce General
DOD Date of Death General, Health Care
DOD Department of Defense General, Medicare Beneficiary
DOD Department of Defense (DoD) General
DODCI Department of Defense Computer Institute General, IT Organization
DOE Date of Entitlement General, Health Care
DOE Department of Energy General
DOEH Date of Entitlement to Hospital Insurance (Medicare Part A) Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
DOES Date of Entitlement to Supplementary Medical Insurance (Medicare Part B) Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
DOG Day One Group General
DOI Department of Interior General
DOIAC District Office Intermediary Action Cases General
DOIAC District Office/Intermediary Aged Cases (OBSOLETE) General
DOJ Department of Justice General
DOL Department of Labor General
DOLA Delegation of Leasing Authority General
DOLBA Date of Last Billing Action General
DOM Developmental Office Minicomputer General, Health Care
DOME (Society of Health Systems) Directors of Management Engineering General
DOORS Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System General, IT Organization
DOS Date of Service General, Health Care
DOST Date of Suspension or Termination General
DOT Department of Transportation General
DOTH Date of Termination of Hospital Insurance General, Health Care
DOTS Date of Termination of Supplementary Medical Insurance General, Health Care
DP Data Processing General, IT Organization
DP Disability Pension General, Health Care
DP Distinct Part General
DPA Delegation of Procurement Authority General
DPD Deferred Payment Date General
DPF Distinct Part Facility General
DPM Deputy Program Manager General
DPNA Denial of Payment New Admissions General
DPP Disproportionate Patient Percentage General
DQC Data Quality Committee General, Health Care
DQSC Data Quality Steering Committee General, Health Care
DR Desk Review General, Health Care
DRA Data Release Agreement General
DRA Deficit Reduction Act of 1984 General
DRA Disaster Recovery Assessment General
DRAFT Dictionary/Repository Access Facility & Tools System General
DRAIN Desk Review Artificial Intelligence Network General
DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory General
DRG Diagnostic Related Group (patients with similar illness) General
DRI Drug Rebate Initiative General, Health Care
DRP Disaster Recovery Plan General
DRS Data Review System General
DRUG Data Release Users Guide General
DS Data Set General
DSAF Decision Support Access Facility General
DSCN Data Service Centers & Network General
DSD Data Structure Diagram (aka: DAD) General
DSD Detailed Systems Design General
DSH Disproportionate Share Hospital General
DSM Diagnostic & Statistical Manual General
DSM-IV Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition General
DSMD Discount Schedule & Marketing Data General
DSMO Designated Standards Maintenance Organizations General
DSMS Development & Support Management System General
DSN Data Set Name General
DSN W/W Defense Switched Network Worldwide General
DSP Design Specification Package General
DSP Disproportionate Share Payments General
DSR Data Set Ready General
DSR Design Manager General
DSS Decision Support System General
DSS Department of Social Services General
DSTU Draft Standard for Trial Use Health Care
DTC Design to Cost General
DTE Data Terminal Equipment General
DUA Data Use Agreement General, IT Organization, Health Care
DUCS Daily Update Control System (HDDUCS) General
DUDEX Daily Update Data Exchange System General
DUMAS Daily Update Master Accounting System (MBR) General
DUNS Data Universal Numbering System General
DUO Daily Update Operation General
DUR Drug Utilization Review General, Health Care
DVA Department of Veterans Affairs (nee VA) Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
DVAAP Disabled Veterans Affirmative Action Program General, Health Care
DVR Data Validation Review General
DWA Disabled Working Aged Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
DWARF Data Warehouse Access & Retrieval Facility General
DWB Disabled Widow's Benefits Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
DWI Data Warehouse Initiative General
DWI Disabled & Working Individual (see QDWI) Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
DWOH Days Work On Hand General
DX Diagnosis General, Health Care
DXGROUP Diagnosis Group General, Health Care