G&A General & Administrative (costs) General
G-CPR Government ComputerBased Payment Related Project General
GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles General
GAAS Generally Accepted Auditing Standards General
GAB Grant Appeals Board General
GAF Geographic Adjustment Factor General
GAGAS Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards General
GAM General Administration Manual General
GAMSS General American Medicare Standard System General
GAO (U.S.) General Accounting Office General
GAO Government Accounting Office General, Medicare Beneficiary
GAS Government Auditing Standards General
GASB Government Auditing Standards Board General
GB Global Budget General
GBL Government Bill of Lading General
GCB Geographic Code Book General
GCIA Government Commercial Industrial Activity (also CIA) General
GCIP General Defense Intelligence Program General
GCPI Geographic Cost of Practice Index General
GDC Government Data Center General
GDG Generation Data Group General
GDP Gross Domestic Product General
GEB General Enrollment Beneficiaries General, Health Care
GED General Graphics Editor General
GEP General Enrollment Period Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
GFE Government Furnished Equipment General
GFI Government Furnished Information General
GFI Government Furnished Items General
GFM Government Furnished Materials General
GFP Government Furnished Property General
GFR Government Furnished Resources General
GFUND Government Securities Investment Fund (GSIF) General
GHP Group Health Plan Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
GHPPS Group Health Plan Payment System General, Health Care
GHPS Group Health Processing System General, Health Care
GI Geographic Index General
GIC General Inpatient Care General, Health Care
GIS Gentran Integration Suite IT Organization
GIS Geographic Information Systems General
GL General Ledger General
GMATS Grants Management & Tracking System General
GMIS Grants Management Information System General
GMRA Government Management & Reform Act of 1994 General
GNMA Government National Mortgage Administration General
GNP Gross National Product General
GOALS Government Online Accounting Link System General
GOCO Government Owned, Contractor Operated activity General
GOSIP Government Open Systems Interconnection Profile General
GOTS GovernmentOffTheShelf General
GP Generalized Claims Systems Procedures General, Health Care
GPCI Government Practice Cost Index General
GPCI Government Purpose License Rights General
GPI Group Practice Indicator General
GPNPI Group Practice National Provider Indicator General
GPO Government Printing Office General
GPO Government Project Officer General
GPO Group Purchasing Organization General
GPP Group Practice Plan General, Health Care
GPP Group Premium Payor General
GPPP Group Practice Prepayment Plan General, Health Care
GPRA Government Performance & Results Act of 1993 General
GPS Generic Performance Standards General, Health Care
GQS Generic Quality Screens General
GRC General Research Corporation General
GRECC Geriatric Research, Education & Clinical Center General, Health Care
GRH GrammRudmanHollings Act General
GROUCH GHP Report Output User Communications Help General
GRS General Records Schedule General
GS General Schedule General
GSA General Services Administration General
GSAR General Services Acquisition Regulation General
GSBCA General Services Administration Board of Contract Appeals General
GSD General Systems Design General
GSS General Support System General
GT Growth Target General
GTL Government Task Leader (contracts) General
GTM Government Task Monitor General
GTR Government Transportation Request General
GTR Guaranteed Test Region General
GWAC Government Wide Acquisition Contract General