U&C Usual and Customary General, Medicare Beneficiary
U/I Unit of Issue General
UA Unit & Analysis General
UAMCDS Uniform Ambulatory Medical Care Data Set General, Health Care
UAT User Acceptance Testing General, IT Organization
UAW United Auto Workers General
UB Uniform Bill General
UB-92 Uniform Billing form 92 General
UBIT Unrelated Business Income Tax General
UC Utilization Control General
UCAS Uniform Cost Accounting Standards General
UCC Uniform Commercial Code General
UCC User Communication & Control (System) General
UCDS Uniform Clinical Data Set General
UCDSS UCD System General
UCF Universal Control Facility General
UCFT Uniform Claim Form Taskforce General
UCR Uniform Cost Report General
UCR Usual, Customary & Reasonable (Charges) General
UCR/PACE Ususal, Customary & Reasonable / Performance & Cost Efficiency General
UCRD Uniform Cost Report Demonstration General
UDB Utilization Database General, IT Organization
UDE User Defined Exit General
UDR Uniform Desk Review General
UE User Etract General
UFAS Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards General
UGMT Users Group Management Terminal General
UHCIA Uniform Health Care Information Act General, Health Care
UHDDS Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set General, Health Care
UHIN Utah Health Information Network Health Care
UHIS Unbundling of Hospital Inpatient Services General, Health Care
UHP Unbundling of Hospital Payment General, Health Care
UHP United Health Plan General, Health Care
UL Underwriters Laboratory General, Health Care
UL User Language General
ULP Unfair Labor Practice General
UMBI Utilization Management & Benefit Integrity General
UMO Utilization Management Organization Health Care
UMPC Union Management Partnership Council General
UMS Universal Measured Service General
UMW United Mine Workers Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
UNAI Uniform Needs Assessment Instrument General
UNCEFACT United Nations Centre for Facilitation of Procedures and Practices for Administration, Commerce, and Transport Health Care
UNEDIFACT United Nations Rules for Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce, and Transport Health Care
UNIBILL Uniform Bill (Intermediary Submitted Files of Processed Medicare Provider Bills) General, Health Care
UNICEP Uniform Contractor Evaluation Program General
UNOS United Network for Organ Sharing General
UPD Unilateral Price Determination General
UPIN Unique Physician Identification Number General, Health Care
UPIN Universal Provider Identification Number General
UPL (Medicaid) Upper Payment Limit General, Health Care
UPN Universal Product Number General
UPPS Uninterruptible Premium Power Supply General
UPS Uninterruptable Power Supply General
UPS United Parcel Service Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
UPT User Proposal Team General
UR Upon Receipt General
UR Utilization Review General
URAC Utilization Review Accreditation Commission General, Medicare Beneficiary
URC (Intermediary) Utilization Review Coordinator General, Health Care
URC Utilization Review Committee General
URF User Request Form General
URL Uniform Resource Locator General
URO Utilization Review Organization Health Care
URQ User Requirements General
US User Services General
USAID United States Agency for International Development General
USARC United States America Registration Committee General
USBC Uniform State Bill Committee General
USC United States Code General
USCA USC Annotated General
USCM United States Conference of Mayors General
USCS United States Code System General
USDA United States Department of Agriculture General
USERID User Identification General
USGAO United States General Accounting Office General
USGS United States Geological Survey Department General
USHIK U.S. Health Information Knowledgebase General
USIA United States Information Agency General
USP U.S. Pharmacopoeia General, Medicare Beneficiary
USPCC United States Per Capita Cost General
USPS United States Postal Service Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
USQ Utilization Status Query General
USRDS United States Renal Data System General, Health Care
USTF Uniformed Services Treatment Facility General
UTL Unable To Locate General
UTL Utilization Database application system code General