V&V Verification & Validation General
VA Department of Veterans Affairs General, Medicare Beneficiary
VAD Ventricular Assist Device General, Health Care
VADATS Veterans Administration Data Automatic Transmission System General, Health Care
VAM Volume Allocation Manager General
VAN Value Added Network General
VAR Value Added Reseller General
VAX Value Added Exchange General
VAX Voice Activated Exchange General
VBA Visual Basic architecture General, IT Organization
VC Value Code General
VC Voluntary Closing General
VCPR Visit Code Comparative Performance Report General
VDRE Value Driven Reengineering General
VDS Voluntary Data Sharing General, Medicare Beneficiary
VDSA Voluntary Data Sharing Agreement General, Medicare Beneficiary
VECP Value Engineering Change Proposal General
VERA Voluntary Early Retirement Act of 1993 General
VICP Vaccine Injury Compensation Program General, Health Care
VICS Virtual Integrated Communications System General
VIP Voucher Insurance Plan General, Health Care
VIPS Viable Information Processing Systems General
VISION Vital Information System to Improve Outcomes in Nephrology General, Health Care
VLSI Very Large Scale Integration General
VMS Viable Medicare Systems General, Health Care
VMS VIPS (Viable Information Processing Systems) Medicare System General, Health Care
VMS VIPS Medicare System General, Health Care
VMS Virtual Multiple Storage General
VMX Voice Message Exchange General
VNA Visiting Nurses Association General, Health Care
VOLSER Volume Serial Number General
VOS Virtual Operating System General
VPAC Variable Premium Amount Collectable General, Health Care
VPN Virtual Private Network Health Care
VPS Volume Performance Standard General
VPS VTAM Printer Support System General
VRA Veteran's Readjustment Appointment General, Health Care
VRR Validation Readiness Review General
VRU Ventilator Rehabilitation Unit General, Health Care
VSAM Virtual Storage Access Method General
VSCR Virtual Storage Constraint Relief General
VTAM Virtual Total Access Method General
VWA View Work Area General