L-H Labor Hour General
LRS Labor Relations Staff General
LRI Laboratory Roll In General
LGHP Large GHP General, Health Care
LSI Large Scale Integration General
LAP Last Action Processed General
LSU Last Summary Update General
LUMI Last Update Month Indicator General
LEP Late Enrollment Penalty IT Organization
LDDI LDD Implemented General
LRO Lead Regional Office General
LAF Ledger Account File (code) General
LVAD Left Ventricular Assist Device General, Health Care
LDO Legally Defined Overpayment General
LP Legislative Projects General
LOS Length of Stay General, Health Care
LTE Less Than Effective (drug) General, Health Care
LCC Lesser Cost or Charges General
LCP Letter Charge Proposal General
LOC Letter of Credit General
LOI Letter of Intent General, Health Care
LOC Level of Care General, Health Care
LOE Level of Effect General
LOE Level of Effort General, Health Care
LET Liaison Education Team General
LAC Library Advisory Committee General
LCC Life Cycle Cost General, Health Care
LCDM Life Cycle Development Methodology General, Health Care
LSC Life Safety Code General
LTP Lifetime Psychiatric Days General, Health Care
LRD Lifetime Reserve Days Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol General
LIL Limitation of Liability General, Health Care
LAE Limitation on Administrative Expenses General
LSR Limited Service Rural (Hospital) General
LCER Limiting Charge Exception Report General, Health Care
LM Line Manager General
LOB Line of Business General
LOC Lines of Code General, IT Organization
LEIE List of Excluded Individuals & Entities General
LISP List Processor General
LIA Litigation Information Action General
LSS Litigation Support System General
LTD Live Test Demonstration General, Health Care
LW Living With General, Health Care
LAG Local Application Group General
LAN Local Area Network General, IT Organization
LCD Local Coverage Determination General, Health Care
LDBM Local Database Manager General, IT Organization
LMRP Local Medical Review Policy Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
LQC Local Quality Control General
LSR Local Shared Resource General
LSA Local Systems Administrator IT Organization
LPC Locality (or Locally) Prevailing Charge General, Health Care
LARPA Locality Adjusted Reduced Prevailing Amount General, Health Care
LARPA Locality Area Reduced Prevailing Allowance General, Health Care
LT Location Type General
LBRS LockBox Bank Remittance System (DB) General
LAG Logical Application Group General
LDM Logical Data Model General, IT Organization
LDD Logical Database Design General, IT Organization
LOINC™ Logical Observation Identifiers, Names and Codes ™ Health Care
LRF Logical Record Facility General
LU Logical Unit (data connection) General
LTC Long Term Care Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
LTCF Long Term Care Facility Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
LTCIAC Long Term Care Insurance Advisory Council General, Health Care
LTCM Long Term Care Management General, Health Care
LTCP Long Term Care Program General, Health Care
LTCU Long Term Care Unit General, Health Care
LIHEA Low Income Home Energy Assistance General
LUPA Low Utilization Payment Adjustment General, Health Care
LVE Low Volume Exemption General
LIS Low-Income Subsidy General, Medicare Beneficiary
LCL Lowest Charge Levels General, Health Care
LVRS Lung Volume Reduction Surgery General, Health Care
LEACON Report SSI Leads Activity Operation (HCLEACON) General