BQAS Part B Quality Assurance System General, Health Care
BMACS Part B Medicare Automated Claims Systems General, Health Care
BESS Part B Extract & Summary System (nee BMAD) General, Health Care
BLP Bypass Label Processing General
BIEC BuyIn Eligibility Code General
BI Buy In General
BSP Business Systems Planning General
BSA Business Software Alliance General
BRT Business Roundtable General
BRA Business Resumption Assessment General
BPR Business Process Reengineering General
BP Business Partner Health Care
BIA Business Impact Analysis General
BHS Business Health Services General
BEA Business Enterprise Area General
BCCP Business Continuity & Contingency Plan General
BA Business Associate Health Care
BVS Bureau of Vital Statistics General
BOME Bureau of Medical Examiners General, Health Care
BMCHRD Bureau of Maternal & Child Health & Resources Development General, Health Care
BLM Bureau of Land Management General
BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics (DOL) General
BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics General, Medicare Beneficiary
BEA Bureau of Economic Analysis General
BEA Bureau of Economic Affairs General
BATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms General, Health Care
BDF Bulk Data Facility General
BOMA Building Owners & Managers Association General
BY Budget Year General
BVR Budget Variance Report General
BUCS Budget Under Control System General
BR Budget Request General
BPS Budget Preparation System General
BEAU Budget Expense Account Unit General
BEA Budget Expense Account General
BEI Budget Estimating Initiative General
BD Budget Distribution General
BA Budget Authority General
BAAADS Budget Apportionment Allotment Allowance & Database System General
BA Budget Administration General
BPR Budget & Performance Requirements General
BDPC Breakthrough Drug Pricing Committee General, Health Care
BEAM Brain Electrical Activity Mapping General, Health Care
BLUC Bottom Line Unit Cost General
BCA Board of Contract Appeals General, Health Care
BLUES Blue Cross/Blue Shield associations General, Health Care
BCBSA Blue Cross/Blue Shield Association Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
BC/BS Blue Cross/Blue Shield Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
BCC Block Check Character General
BPA Blanket Purchase Arrangement (or Agreement) General
BLASER Black Lung Automated Search & Edit Routine General, Health Care
BL Black Lung General, Health Care
BITSMIS BITS Management Information System General
BRDPI Biomedical Research & Development Price Index General, Health Care
BMA BioMedical Applications General, Health Care
BISYNC Binary Synchronous Communication (IBM data communications protocol) General
BSC Binary Synchronous Communication General
BCD Binary Coded Decimal General
BRRR Bills Received & Returned Report General
BUR Billing Update Record General
BIER Billing Information Exchange Record General
BCC Billing Cycle Code General
BAC Billing Action Code General
BTW Bill Type Weight General
BRDS Bill Review Documentation Summary form General
BPST Bill Processing System Test General
BOM Bill of Materials General
BOD Bid Opening Date General
BARS Bid Analysis & Reporting System General
B&P Bid & Proposal General
BICEQN BIC Equate Number General
BRS Bibliographic Retrieval Service General
BP Best Price General
BOSS Best on Open Systems Solutions General
BETOS Berenson Eggers Type of Service General
BIPA Benefits, Improvements & Protection Act of 2000 General, Health Care
BI Benefits Integrity General, Health Care
BSS Benefit Summary Statistics General, Health Care
BSF Benefit Stabilization Fund General
BSRS Benefit Savings Reporting System General, Health Care
BRI Benefit Rate Increase General, Health Care
BP Benefit Period Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
BISC Benefit Integrity support Center General, Health Care
BIF Benefit Information Form General, Health Care
BCF Benefit Correction Form Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
BOSSN Beneficiary's Own SSN General, Health Care
BOAN Beneficiary's Own Account Number (SSN) General, Health Care
BEST Beneficiary State Totals (from SPACE System) General, Health Care
BSS Beneficiary Satisfaction Survey General, Health Care
BOCMIS Beneficiary Overpayment Control & Management Information System General, Health Care
BOIS Beneficiary Online Inquiry System (HI/SMI online in HCFA) General, Health Care
BIF Beneficiary Insurance File General, Health Care
BITS Beneficiary Inquiry Tracking System General, Health Care
BIW Beneficiary Inquiries Workgroup General, Health Care
BIT Beneficiary Inquiries Taskforce General, Health Care
BITS Beneficiary Information Tracking System General, Health Care
BIMF Beneficiary Inactive Master File General, Health Care
BITF Beneficiary Implementation Task Force General, Health Care
BIC Beneficiary Identification Code General, Health Care
BGN Beneficiary Given Name General, Health Care
BF Beneficiary File General, Health Care
BEST Beneficiary Eligibility State Tape (EDB Bene Alpha File) General, Health Care
BEER Beneficiary Earnings Exchange Record General, Health Care
BDOD Beneficiary Date of Death General, Health Care
BUTE Beneficiary Database Update Transaction System (HDBUTE) General, Health Care
BDPP Beneficiary Database Prototype Project General, Health Care
BDP Beneficiary Database Prototype General, Health Care
BENDEX Beneficiary Data Exchange General, Health Care
BCB Beneficiary Confidentiality Board Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
BACOM Beneficiary Annotation & Communication Operation General, Health Care
BAC Beneficiary Advisory Committee Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
BAR Beneficiary Adjustment Report General, Health Care
BENDEX Beneficiary & Earnings Data Exchange System General, Health Care
BHO Behavioral Health Organization General, Health Care
BOR Before Outliers Removed General
BDTS Batched Data Transmission System General
BCSS Batch Completion Status Summary IT Organization
BCN Batch Clearance Notice General
BRI Basic Rate Interface General
BOA Basic Ordering Agreement General
BLS Basic Life Support General, Health Care
BDAM Basic Data Access Method General
BA Basic Agreement General
BRC Base Rate Calculation General
BPC Base Period Charge General, Health Care
BPO Bargain Purchase Option General
BCCE Baltimore Computer Conference & Exposition General
BBRA Balanced Budget Refinement Act of 1999 (PL 106113) Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
BBA Balanced Budget Act of 1997 Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
BBA Balanced Budget Act General, Medicare Beneficiary
BI Background Investigation General
BSR (Part B) Bill Summary Records General, Health Care
BERT (EDB) Beneficiary Enrollment Retrieval System General, Health Care