SSO Systems Security Officer General
SSMP Systems Security Management Program General
SSC Systems Security Coordinator General
SSA Systems Security Assessment General
SRA Systems Research Associates General
SRD Systems Requirements Document General
SRD Systems Requirements Design General
SRD Systems Requirements Definition General
SR Systems Requirements General
SPR Systems Performance Review General
SP Systems Performance General
SORS Systems of Records General
SMS Systems Management Specialist IT Organization
SMF Systems Management Facility General
SIPP Systems Issues, Policies & Procedures (nee HIPP, BIPP) General
SI Systems Inventory General
SH Systems Handbook General
SDM/S Systems Development Methodology / Structured General
SA Systems Analyst General, IT Organization
SA Systems Administrator General, IT Organization
SAVE Systematic Alien Verification of Eligibility General
SUT System User Test General
SPIDER System to Provide Immediate Data on Eligibility for Reimbursement (now CWF) General
STU System Testing Unit General
STAG System Technical Advisory Group (aka STAG) General
SSPM System Security Plan Methodology General
SSP System Security Plan General
SOR System of Record General
SNI System Network Interface General
SMP System Modernization Program General
SMF System Measurement Facility General
SM System Manager General
SMS System Managed Storage General
SMS System Managed Software General
SIS System Internal Specifications General
SI System Integrator General
SIR System Implementation Roadmap General
STAR System for Tracking Audit & Reimbursement General
SMART System for MSP Automated Recovery & Tracking General, Health Care
SMQC System for Monitoring Quality of Care General, Health Care
SES System External Specifications General, IT Organization
SDLC System Development Life Cycle General
SDR System Design Review General
SDO System Design Overview General
SDA System Design Alternatives General
SALT Suspensions & Life Terminations System (MBR) General, Health Care
S&C Survey and Certification General, Medicare Beneficiary
SCIP Survey & Certification Improvement Project General
SEER Surveillance, Epidemiology & End Results (Program) General, Health Care
SURS Surveillance & Utilization Review Subsystem (S/URS) General
SUR Surveillance & Utilization Review (aka S/UR) General
SG Surgeon General General, Health Care
SAMHSA Supstance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration General, Health Care
SQIG Supplier Quality Information Group General
SPIN Supplier Profile Identification Number General
SMI Supplementary Medical Insurance (Part B of Medicare) General, Health Care
SMIB Supplementary Medical Insurance (also Part B) General, Health Care
SST Supplemental Systems Test General
SSR Supplemental Security Income Record General
SSI Supplemental Security Income General, Health Care
SLIP-A Supplemental Low Income Patient Adjustment General, Health Care
SHI Supplemental Health Insurance Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
SBR Supplemental Budget Request General
SA Supplemental Agreement General
SPC Supervisory Project Coordinator General
SVC Supervisor Call General
S&I Supervision & Interpretation General
SOD Superintendent of Documents General
SPD Summary Plan Description General, Medicare Beneficiary
SER Summary Earnings Record General
SO Successful Offerer General
SGA Substantial Gainful Activity Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
SOC SubObject (Classification) Code General
SON Submitting Office Number General
SME Subject Matter Expert General, IT Organization
SC Sub Contractor General
SOP Style of Practice General
SNMA Student National Medical Association General
SW/T Structured Walkthrough General
SDM Structured Development (or Design) Methodology General
SQL Structured (or System) Query Language General
SPARC Stroke Prevention Awareness Recognition Campaign General
SNIP Strategic National Implementation Process Health Care
SIS Strategic Information Strategy General
SCN Strategic Communication Network General, IT Organization
SBU Strategic Business Unit General
SPMS Storage Products Management System General
SMS Storage Management System General
SSM Sterling Space Monitor General
SW Step Weight General
SRC Status Report Coordinator General
SOP Status of Provider General, Health Care
SVRS Statistically Valid Random Sample General
SRMC Statistical Report Medicaid Services General
SRMS Statistical Report (HCFA2082) on Medicaid Services System General
SAS Statistical Analysis System General, IT Organization
SAS Statistical Analysis Software General, IT Organization
SADMERC Statistical Analysis Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carrier General, Health Care
SAC Statistical Analysis Contractor General
SPARCS Statewide Planning & Research Cooperative System General
SOW Statement of Work General
SOU Statement of Understanding General
SOI Statement of Intent General
SFI Statement of Financial Information General
SOB Statement of Benefits Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
SAS Statement of Auditing Standards General
SWBI State Welfare BuyIn Enrollment Profile System General
SWICA State Wage Information Collection Agency General
SVES State Verification & Exchange System (SSA) General, Health Care
SUBC State Uniform Billing Committee Health Care
SSA State Survey Agency Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
SSP State Supplemental Payments General, Health Care
SPC State Program Characteristics General
SPDATA State Profile Data System General
SPPS State Plan Profile System General
SPAW State Plan Amendment Waiver General
SPAS State Plan Amendment System General
SPA State Plan Amendment General
SPAP State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program General, Medicare Beneficiary
SPECTRUM State Performance Evaluation & Comprehensive Test of Reimbursement Under Medicaid General, Health Care
SPSP State Payment of SMI Penalty General
SOM State Operations Manual General
SMURF State Medicaid Uniform Research File (aka SMRF) General, Health Care
SMRF State Medicaid Research Files (aka SMURF) General, Health Care
SMM State Medicaid Manual General, Health Care
SMG State Medicaid Group General, Health Care
SMDA State Medicaid Directors Association General, Health Care
SLIAG State Legislation Impact Assistance Grants General
SIC State Insurance Commission General, Health Care
SHPDA State Health Planning & Development Agency General, Health Care
SHN State Health Notes General, Health Care
SHIP State Health Insurance Assistance Program Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
SHCC State Health Coordinating Council General, Health Care
SGF State Guaranty Funds General
SDX State Data Exchange General
SCHIP State Children’s Health Insurance Program General, Medicare Beneficiary
SCHIP State Child Health Insurance Program Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
SBIGPPP State BuyIn Group Practice Prepayment Plan General, Health Care
SBI State Buy In General, Health Care
SA State Assessment General
SEALP State Agency Evaluation Program General
SAEP State Agency Evaluation Plan General, Health Care
SA State Agency General, Health Care
SLAE State & Local Administration Expenditure General
SC State & County General
STX Start of Text General
SOC Start of Care General
SES Standards Enforcement Software General, IT Organization
SDO Standards Development Organization General
SB Standards Board General
SMI Standardized Medreview Instrument General, Health Care
SUL Standard User Label General
SUEI Standard Unique Employer Identifier (HCFA0047F) (aka EIN) General
SSG Standard Systems Group General
SS Standard Systems General
SSM Standard System Maintainers General
SSC Standard Source Code General
SPIN Standard Prescriber Identification General
SPD Standard Position Description General
SPR Standard Paper Remittances General
SOP Standard Operating Procedure General
SP Standard of Performance General
SNAP Standard National Accounting Program (BC/BS) General
SMSA Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area General
SIMS Standard Information Management System General
SGL Standard General Ledger General
SF Standard Form General
SDF Standard Deviation Factor General
SAF Standard Analytic File General
STAR Standard Administrative Reporting General
SSG Staffing Support Group General
STM Staff Time Measure General
SAHD Staff Assisted Home Dialysis General, Health Care
S&E Staff & Equipment General
SSIDUP SSI Duplicate Payment General
SSARA SSA Reform Act of 1994 (establishes SSA as independent agency) Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
SSACCS SSA Claims Control System General, Health Care
SPRDRS SPR Data Reporting System General
SLIMB Specified LowIncome Medicare Beneficiary Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
SLMB Specified Low-income Medicare Beneficiary General, Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
SCT Specialty Care Transport General
SWAT Specialized Work Action Team General
SP Special Project General
SMP Special Needs Plan General, IT Organization
SLMB Special Low-Income Beneficiaries General, Medicare Beneficiary
SIN Special Item Number General
SIGOMET Special Interest Group on Optical Media in Education & Training General
SIGCAT Special Interest Group CDROM Applications & Technology General
SIG Special Interest Group General
SIC Special Indicator Code General
SID Special Income Deduction General
SEP Special Enrollment Period Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
SEP Special Election Period IT Organization
SAI Special Audit Initiative General
SAC Special Action Code General
SPACEX SPACE Exceptions General
SEPSC Southeastern Program Service Center, SSA General, Health Care
SOCO Southeastern Consortium (Atlanta & Dallas HIROs) General, Health Care
SCLM Source Code Librarian Manager General
SEX Sorted Exceptions (HDSEX) General
SML Solicitation Mailing List General
SFO Solicitation for Offers (contract) General
SOL Solicitation General
SCP Sole Community Provider General
SCH Sole Community Hospital General, Health Care
SQA Software Quality Assurance General
SPI Software Process Improvement General
SLIM Software Life Cycle Maintenance General, IT Organization
SET Software Engineering Technology General
SEPG Software Engineering Process Group General, IT Organization
SEIU Software Engineering Institute Union General, IT Organization
SEI-CMM Software Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model General, IT Organization
SEI Software Engineering Institute General, IT Organization
SEF Software Engineering Facility General, IT Organization
SW-CMM Software Development Capability Maturity Model General
SDA Software Design Activity General, IT Organization
SDD Software Design & Development General, IT Organization
SCM Software Configuration Management General
SAM Software Asset Management General
SA-CMM Software Acquisition Capability Maturity Model General, IT Organization
S/W Software General, IT Organization
SPBA Society of Professional Benefit Administrators General
SIM Society for Information Management General, IT Organization
SHRM Society for Human Resource Management General
SHS Society for Health Systems General, Health Care
SSR Social Security Rulings General, Health Care
SSO Social Security Office (also DO) General, Health Care
SSN Social Security Number Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
SSDI Social Security Disability Insurance Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
SSB Social Security Board (now SSA) General, Health Care
SSAFO Social Security Administration Field Office IT Organization
SSADO Social Security Administration District Office IT Organization
SSA Social Security Administration Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
SSA Social Security Act Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
SS Social Security Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
SICE Social Insurance Claims Examiner General, Health Care
S/HMO Social Health Maintenance Organization General, Health Care
SHMO Social Health Maintenance Organization General, IT Organization
SRS Social & Rehabilitation Service General
SOM SOBER Operating Month (DOE 1 or COM +1) (OBSOLETE) General
SMIRK SOBER Miscellaneous Input Record General
SNFMDS SNF Minimum Data Set General, Health Care
SPP SMI Premium Penalty General
SPAC SMI Premium Amount Collectable (MBR / BCM) General
SPACE SMI Premium Accounting, Collection & Enrollment (System) General
SPAMS Small Purchase Automated Management System General
SBSA Small Business SetAside General
SBIR Small Business Innovation Research (Program) General
SBA Small Business Administration General
SADBUS Small And Disadvantaged Business Utilization Specialist General
SDBU Small &Disadvantaged Business Utilization General
SDB Small &Disadvantaged Business General
SNF Skilled Nursing Facility Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
SNCRIS Skilled Nursing Cost Reporting Information System General, Health Care
SNC Skilled Nursing Care General, Health Care
SBI Single Scope Background Investigation General
SPOF Single Point of Failure General
SPOC Single Point of Contact (now CSCC) General
SPOC Single Point of Contact General, Medicare Beneficiary
SPECT Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography General
SLE Single Loss Expectancy General
SI Single Intermediary General, Health Care
SDP Single Drug Pricer General, Health Care
SAS Single Award Schedules General
SAD Simultaneous Accretion/Deletion General
SSSGS Similarly Sized Subscriber Groups General, Medicare Beneficiary
SRA Significant Regulatory Actions General
SCAR Significant Correspondence Assignment Report General
SCSA Significant Change in Status Assessment General
SCIC Significant Change In Condition General, Health Care
STD ShortTerm Disability General, Health Care
SOB Shortness of breath General, Health Care
SSH Short Stay Hospital General, Health Care
SS Short Stay General
STAPE Short Format State Magnetic Tape File (HIM) General
SS Shared Systems General
SPIES Shared Project & Information Exchange System General
SPH Shared Processing Host General
SMS/SPS Shared Maintenance System / Shared Processing System General
SMS Shared Maintenance System General
SCOPE Share Cost Options for Private Employees General
SA Settlement Agreement General
SPRY Setting Priorities for Retirement Years General
SHINE Serving Health Information Needs of Elders General, Health Care
SPO Servicing Personnel Office General
SDO Servicing District Office (SSA) General, Health Care
SVCS Services General
SR Service Request General
SR Service Representative (SSA) General
SORCES Service Office Record Computer Entry System (MTS) General
SLM Service Level Metrics General
SLA Service Level Agreements General
SDP Service Delivery Point General
SCORE Service Corps of Retired Executives General, Health Care
SCD Service Computation Date General
SAR Service Area Report General
SAD Service Area Directory (SSA) General, Health Care
SS Sequential Search General
SPF Sequential Processing Facility General
SEF Separated Employee File General
SCE Separate Cost Entity General
SNCT Sensory Nerve Conduction Threshold General, Health Care
SCIF Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility General
SBU Sensitive But Unclassified General
SORT Seniors Organized to Restore Trust General
SCACA Seniors Coalition Against Catastrophic Act General, Health Care
SSSA Senior Systems Security Advisor General
SSS Senior Scientist Service General
SISSO Senior Information Systems Security Officer General
SHIP Senior Health Insurance Program General, Health Care
SBRS Senior Biomedical Research Service General, Health Care
SPO Self Protection Organization (CD) General
SAD Self Administered Drug General
SS1 Selective Signaling (Equipment) General
SPP Select Provider Program General
SHC Select Health Care General, Health Care
SII Security/Suitability Investigation Index General
SEMS Security Management System General
SIFT Security Income file Type General
SIRT Security Incident Response Team General
SCC Security Control Center General
SA Security Administrator General
SPOE Secure Point of Entry IT Organization
SPOE Secure Point of Entry IT Organization
S-MIME Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions General, IT Organization
SHTIP Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol General
SHA Secure Hash Standard General
SFTP Secure File Transfer Protocol IT Organization
SET Secure Electronic Transaction General, IT Organization
SS Seconds (i.e., ssmmddyyyy) General
SDC Secondary Diagnostic Category General
SSOP Second Surgical Opinion Program General, Health Care
SSPML Second State Professional Medical License General, Health Care
SSIPML Second State Issuing Professional Medical License General, Health Care
SLAMS Second Level Appeals Management System General
SEALP Search Alpha Program (Beneficiary Alpha Match/Reinstate) (HASEALP) General
SOW Scope of Work General
SER Scientific, Engineering & Research General, IT Organization
SAIC Science Applications International Corp. (PRISM software contractor) General
SBC School Based Clinics General, Health Care
SA Scheduled Allowance General, Health Care
SPS Schedule of Providers Serviced General
STP Satellite Ticket Printer General
SAGE-204 SAS interface to M204 databases General, IT Organization
SAS/C SAS Compiler General
SFRO SanFrancisco Regional Office General, Health Care
SP Sample Persons General
STS Safety Tracking System General
SNSP Safety Net Surveillance Project General
SMIS Safety Management Information System General
SPR Safeguard Procedures Report General
SAR Safeguard Activity Report General
SYS OCO systems support application system code General
SQRD Monthly Sequential Read Program (HDSQRD) General
SF-36 Medical Outcomes Study 36 Item Short Form Health Survey General, Health Care
SEC (U.S.) Securities & Exchange Commission General
SISC (Supplemental) Security Income Status Code General
SIED (Supplemental) Security Income Entitlement Date General
SID (Supplemental) Security Income Data General
SCC (Service Area) State/County Code General
SLMB (see SLIMB) Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
SDPS (PRO) Standard Data Processing System General
STROBE (Performance Management System application monitoring tool) General
SAR (microfilm) Storage & Retrieval unit General
SHIP (Medicare) Supplemental Health Insurance Programs Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
STAR (Medicaid) Systems Test for Alternative Reimbursement General, Health Care
SIRMON (M204 performance monitoring & operational control tool software) General
SELF (HHS) Secretary's Executive Leadership Forum General, Health Care
SSD (GSA) Standard Solicitation Document General
SIC (DOL, BLS) Standard Industrial Classification General
SIRLIB (change control for M204 user language programs software) General
SIR (Carrier) System Improvement Request General, Health Care
SOR (Carrier) Section Operating Report General, Health Care
SACP (AHA) Society for Ambulatory Care Professionals General, Health Care
SHIP (AFGE) Supplemental Health Insurance Plan General, Health Care