TOS Type of Service General, Health Care
TOP Type of Provider General, Health Care
TOPR Type of Program Record General
TOB Type of Bill General
TAC Type of Activity Code General
TSO/ISPF TSO Interactive System Productivity Facility General
TSCOG TSC Operator Guide General
TINA Truth In Negotiations Act General
TT Trust Territories (Micronesia, Marshalls, Palau) General
TROOP True Out-of-Pocket General, Medicare Beneficiary
TNIF True Not In File General
TOP Triple Option Package General
TDEA Triple Data Encryption Algorithm General, IT Organization
TRIDE TRID Extended General
TWP Trial Work Period General
TPO Treatment, Payment, Operations General, Health Care
TOP Treasury Offset Program General
TFCS Treasury Financial Communications Systems (aka FEDWIRE) General
TD Treasury Department General
TCD Trauma Code Development General
TASC Transportation Administration Service Center General
TLS Transport Layer Security General
TMR Transmyocardial Revascularization General, Health Care
TN Transmittal Number General
TOPS Transitional Outpatient Payments System General, Health Care
TOP Transitional Outpatient Payment General
TCP Transitional Corridor Payments General
TOC Transition Office Contact General
TBP Transit Benefit Program General
TBC Transit Benefit Coordinator General
TACT Transfer, Automate, Contract Out and/or Terminate Project General
TEP Transfer Enrollment Period General
TENS Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation General, Health Care
TENS Transcutaneous Electrical (or Electronic) Nerve Stimulator General
TWA Transaction Work Area General
TRR Transaction Reply Report IT Organization
TRC Transaction Reply Code IT Organization
TP Transaction Processor General
TNIF Transaction NIF General
TC Transaction Code General
TB Transaction Branch, DMOS (formerly GPABS or PM) General
TBO Transaction Back Out General
TO Training Office General
TMIS Training Management Information System General
TRADE Training & Development Exchange General
TDC Training & Development Center General
T&D Training & Development General
THE Trailblazers Health Enterprises, Inc. (MD component of TX BC/BS) General, Health Care
TOP Trade Opportunities Program General
TROMP Track Recovery of Mistaken Payments General
TRIM Total Resources Information Management System General
TPN Total parenteral nutrition General, Medicare Beneficiary
TLC Total Location Counter General
THD Total Hospice Days General, Health Care
TDOC Total Days of Care General, Health Care
TC Total Cost General
TBSR Total Business Systems Review General
TACT Total Audit Concept Technique General
TBP To Be Provided General
TBD To Be Determined Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
TBA To be Announced General
T18 Title XVIII of the Social Security Act (Medicare) General, Health Care
T16 Title XVI of the Social Security Act (SSI) General, Health Care
T19 Title XIX of the Social Security Act (MAA (Medicaid)) General, Health Care
T14 Title XIV of the Social Security Act (Grants to States for Aid to the Disabled General, Health Care
T10 Title X of the Social Security Act (Aid to the Blind) General, Health Care
T4 Title IV of the Social Security Act (AFDC) General, Health Care
T2R Title II Redesign (SSA) General, Health Care
T2 Title II of the Social Security Act (SS benefits) General, Health Care
T1 Title I of the Social Security Act (Grants for OldAge Assistance & Medical Assistance for Aged) General, Health Care
TPA Tissue Plasminogen Activator General, Health Care
TWA Time Weighted Average General
TSO Time Sharing Option IT Organization
TSO Time Sharing Option IT Organization
TAA Time Account Adjustment (Schedule or Report) General
T&M Time & Materials General
TWWIA Ticket to Work & Work Incentives Act of 1999 Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
TLV Threshold Limit Exposure Values General
TVA Threat & Vulnerability Assessment General
TSIPML Third State Issuing Professional License General
TTDS Third Party Termination Date for Supplementary Medical Insurance General, Health Care
TTDH Third Party Termination Date for Hospital Insurance General, Health Care
TPRP Third Party Rules Processor General, Health Care
TRACE Third Party Recovery Audit Coordinated Effort General, Health Care
TPR Third Party Record General, Health Care
TPQY Third Party Query System General, Health Care
TPPG Third Party Private Group General, Health Care
TPPC Third Party Premium Collection General, Health Care
TPPAYD Third Party Payment Data General, Health Care
TPM Third Party Master General, Health Care
TPLAB Third Party List Agency Billing General, Health Care
TPL Third Party Liability General, Health Care
TPG Third Party Groups General, Health Care
TPF Third Party File General, Health Care
TPEXLAX Third Party Expel Lapsed, Antiquated & XR Records General, Health Care
TEDS Third Party Entitlement Date for Supplementary Medical Insurance General, Health Care
TEDH Third Party Entitlement Date for Hospital Insurance General, Health Care
TPDB Third Party Data Base General, Health Care
TPCS Third Party Code for Supplementary Medical Insurance General, Health Care
TPCH Third Party Code for Hospital Insurance General, Health Care
TPBLAST Third Party BuyIn Liability Accretions for Screening & Taping General, Health Care
TRPBETA Third Party BuyIn Exceptions for TP Agencies General, Health Care
TPBEST Third Party Billing Extract Statistical Totals General, Health Care
TPAO Third Party Annotation Operation General, Health Care
TPA Third Party Administrator General, Health Care
TP Third Party General, Health Care
TIS Therapeutic Intervention Scoring (System) General
TSG The Surgeon General General, Health Care
TTY Text Telephones Medicare Beneficiary, IT Organization, Health Care
TIMS Text Information Management System General
TI Texas Instruments General
TVIP Testing, Validation & Implementation Plan General
TST Testing Phase General
TDP Testing Designated Positions General
TT tester General
TVS Test Value Sets General
TTSF Test Time Sharing Facility General
TIPPS Test of Intermediary Prospective Payment System General, Health Care
TCSDB Test Case Specification Database General
TAVERN Terminations & Attainments Validation & Enforcement of Returned Notices General
TA Termination Actions (MBR) General
TSR Terminate & Stay Resident General
TSP Terminal Simulator Panel General
TOR Terminal Owning Region General
TERMID Terminal ID General
TAP Terminal Acquisition Project (SSA) General, Health Care
TS Tentative Settlement General
TVA Tennessee Valley Authority General
TMJ Temporomandibular Joints General
TDY Temporary Duty Travel General
TCC Temporary Continuation of Coverage General
TANF Temporary Assistance for Needy Families General
TSP Teleprocessing Services Program General
TRACS Teleprocessing Remote Access Control System General, IT Organization
TPNS Teleprocessing Network Simulator General
TCS Telephone Customer Service General, IT Organization
TARS Telephone Action Requests System General, IT Organization
TRID Telecommunications Routing Indicator Directory General, IT Organization
TDD Telecommunications Device for the Deaf Medicare Beneficiary, IT Organization, Health Care
TC Telecommunications General, IT Organization
TEAM Technology Evaluation & Acquisition Methods General
TC Technology Component General, IT Organization
TA Technology Assessment General, Health Care
TAC Technology Advisory Committee General
TWG Technical Work Group General
TS Technical Strategy (official meaning) General
TSC Technical Service Center General
TRC Technical Review Committee General
TRM Technical Reference Model General
TIM Technical Instruction Manual General
TEP Technical Experts Panel General, Medicare Beneficiary
TEP Technical Evaluation Panel General
TEC Technical Evaluation Criteria General
TCC Technical Control Center General, IT Organization
TCAB Technical Computer Advisory Board General, IT Organization
TC Technical Component General, IT Organization
TAP Technical Advisory Panel General
TAG Technical Advisory (or Assistance) Group General
TIS Technical (or Technology) Information Services General, IT Organization
TAMRA Technical & Miscellaneous Revenue Act of 1988 General
TR (T/R) Team Review General
TNHP Teaching Nursing Home Program General, Health Care
TH Teaching Hospital General, Health Care
TRO Tax Refund Offset General
TRASOP Tax Reduction Act Stock Ownership Plan General
TIN Tax Identification Number General
TEFRA Tax Equity & Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982 (PL97248) General
TO Task Order General
TMP Task Management Plan General
TFSS Task Force for Standard Systems General
TRIM Target Rate Implementation Monitoring General
TEDBA Target Enrollment Database Architecture General
TMS Tape Management System General
TAPEDSN Tape Data Set Protection General
TIARA Tactical Intelligence and Related Activities General
TITLE XX State operated home health care entitlement program Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
TITLE XXI State Child Health Programs Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
TITLE XVIII Health Insurance (Medicare) Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
TITLE I Grants to States for old age assistance & medical assistance for the aged Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
TITLE XIX Grants to States for medical assistance programs (MAA)(Medicaid) Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
TITLE XIV Grants to States for aid to the permanently & totally disabled (DI) Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
TITLE X Grants to States for aid to the blind (AB) Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
TITLE XVI Grants to States for aid to the aged, blind and disabled (ABD) & Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
TITLE IV Grants to States for aid & services to needy famlies with children (AFDC) Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
TITLE II Federal old age, survivors & disability insurance benefits (OASDI) Medicare Beneficiary, Health Care
TASC (OWTDS) Training Assistance Services Cadre General