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Acronym List

This list explains acronyms found on the web site and other acronyms that are commonly used. This list is not a legal document.

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I-CASE Integrated Computer Aided Software Engineering General, IT Organization
IA Information Access General
IA Information Assurance General
IA Inter/IntraAgency Agreement General, Health Care
IAC Industry Advisory Council General
IAC InterAgency Committee General
IACS Individuals Authorized Access to CMS Computer Services IT Organization
IADL Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Health Care, Medicare Beneficiary
IAG Interagency Advisory Group General
IAM Innovative Access Method General
IAPD Implementation Advance Planning Document General
IAR Inventory & Assessment Report General
IBD Initial Billing Date General
IBIS Industrial Base Information System General
IBN Incorrect Bill Notice General, Health Care
IBNR Incurred But Not Reported General
IBPO Initial Bill Processing Option General
IBPR Intermediary Benefit Payment Report General, Health Care
IBPR Intermediary Benefits Payment Report General, Health Care
IBR Intermediary Benefit Payment General, Health Care
IC Individual Consideration General
IC Initial Claims Operations General, Health Care
IC Integrated Circuit General, IT Organization
IC Internal Controls General
ICA Information Control Area General
ICA Information, Counseling & Assistance General
ICA Insurance Counseling Assistance (Program) General, Health Care
ICA Internal Control Area General
ICAM Integrated Computer Aided Manufacturing General, IT Organization
ICB Information Collection Budget General
ICB Inner Company Billing (Code) General
ICC Interstate Commerce Commission General
ICCB Infrastructure Change Control Board General
ICCP Individual Community Care Plan General, Health Care
ICCSHE Interagency Committee on Computer Support of Handicapped Employees General, IT Organization
ICD Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator General, Health Care
ICD Interface Control Document General
ICD International Classification of Diseases General, Health Care
ICD-9-CM International Classification of Diseases 9th Edition Clinical Modification General, Health Care
ICDA International Classification of Diseases Adapted for the U.S. General, Health Care
ICEP Initial Coverage Election Period IT Organization
ICF Intermediate Care Facility General, Health Care
ICF/MR Intermediate Care Facility for Mental Retardation General, Health Care
ICFS/MR Intermediate care facilities for the mentally retarded General, Medicare Beneficiary
ICMA Individual Case Management Association General
ICMS Information Center Management System (Cullinet) General
ICN Inhouse Claim Number General
ICN Inquiry Control Number General
ICN Intercontractor Notices General
ICN Intermediary Control Number General, Health Care
ICN Internal Control Number General
ICN Inventory Control Number General
ICP Internal Control Program General
ICPR Informal Dispute Resolution General
ICQ Internal Control Questionnaire General
ICR Image Copy Recognition General
ICR Incomplete Claims Reject General, Health Care
ICR Information Collection Requirement General
ICR Intelligent Character Recognition General, IT Organization
ICR Internal Control Review General
ICR Investigative Claims Report General
ICST Institute for Computer Sciences & Technology General, IT Organization
ICSTP Intermediary/Carrier System Testing Project General, Health Care
ID Identification (Number) General
ID Identifying Data General, IT Organization
ID Implementation Date General
IDB Information Data Base General, IT Organization
IDD Integrated Data Dictionary General
IDE Investigational Device Exemptions General
IDEF Integrated Data Engineering Facility General, IT Organization
IDIQ Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity General
IDIQ Indefinite Duration, Indefinite Quantity General, Medicare Beneficiary
IDMS Information Data Management System General, IT Organization
IDMS Integrated Database Management System General, IT Organization
IDMS/R Integrated Database Management System/Relational General, IT Organization
IDRC Improved Data Recording Capability General, IT Organization
IDS Integrated Delivery System General
IDS Intrusion Detection Software (or System) General, IT Organization
IDTF Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility General
IE Industrial Engineering General, IT Organization
IEC International Electrotechnical Task Force General, IT Organization
IEF Information Engineering Facility General, IT Organization
IEP Initial Enrollment Period Health Care, Medicare Beneficiary
IEQ Initial Enrollment Questionnaire General, Health Care
IER Interim Expenditure Report General
IER Intermediary Expenditure Report General, Health Care
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force General, IT Organization
IEVS Income & Eligibility Verification System General
IFB Invitation for Bids General
IFC Interim Final Rule with Comment General
IFQ Invitation for Quote General
IG Implementation Guide Health Care
IG Inspector General General
IGA Interim Geographic Adjustment General
IGAA Inspector General Act Amendments of 1988 General
IGCE Independent Government Cost Estimate General
IGLAS Integrated General Ledger Accounting System General
IHPP Intergovernmental Health Policy Project General
IHS Indian Health Service General, Health Care
IIA Information Industry Association General
IIA Institute of Internal Auditors General
IIB Impact & Implementation Bargaining General
IIC Inflation Index Charge General
IIHI Individually Identifiable Health Information General, Health Care
IJST Internal Job Stream Action (MBR) General
IL Intermediary Letter General, Health Care
ILDJ Interactive Language Dependent Job General
IM Information Memorandum General
IM Intermediary Manual General, Health Care
IMA Individual Medical Account General, Health Care
IMC International Medical Center General, Health Care
IMCAS Intervening Medical Care Analysis System General, Health Care
IMD Institution for Mental Disease General, Health Care
IME Indirect Medical Education General, Health Care
IMF Individual Master File (ICR) General
IMI Infant Mortality Initiative General, Health Care
IMI Interim Manual Instructions General
IMN Internal Machine Number General
IMP Implementation Phase General
IMPACC Immediate Payment Critical Case Process (MBR) General
IMPACT Integrated (or Improved) Management of Personnel Administration thru Computer Technology General, IT Organization
IMRP Instruction Manual for Renal Providers General, Health Care
INFOMAN Information Management General, IT Organization
INFOSEC Information (System) Security General, IT Organization
INRA Immigration Nursing Relief Act of 1989 General, Health Care
INS Immigration & Naturalization Service General
INS SAVE Immigration & Naturalization Service's Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements General
IOC Inspection of Care General, Health Care
IOF Input Output Facility General
IOF Interactive Output Facility General
IOL Intraocular Lens General, Health Care
IOM Institute of Medicine General, Health Care
IOR Individual Operating Report General
IORM Intermetrics Oversight & Risk Management General
IOU (CWF) Identify Ownership Utility General
IP/SNF Inpatient SNF General, Health Care
IPA Independent Practice Association General
IPA Individual Practice Association General
IPAC Immunization Practice Advisory Committee General, Health Care
IPAP Interagency Placement Assistance Program General
IPC Information Processing Center General
IPL Independent Physiological Lab General, Health Care
IPL Initial Program Load General
IPMG Investment Planning & Management Group General
IPO Initial Program Offering General
IPOA InterPlan Operating Agreement General
IPP Individual Practice Plan General
IPP Individual Program Plan General
IPP Integrated Planning Process General
IPP Integrated Project Planning General
IPPB Intermittent Positive Pressure Breathing General, Health Care
IPR Independent Professional Review General
IPRP Interim Payment Review Program General, Health Care
IPS Institutional Provider of Service General, Health Care
IPS Interim Payment System General
IQC Integrated Quality Control (System) General
IQC Internal Quality Control General
IQUE Inplant Quality Evaluation General
IR Incident Report General
IR Information Requirement General
IR&D Independent Research & Development General
IRA Initial Review Analysis General
IRAC Information Resources Administration Councils General
IRB Institutional Review Board General, IT Organization
IRB Intern & Resident to Bed (ratio) General, Health Care
IRC Informal Resolution Conference General
IRC Information Resource Center General, IT Organization
IRC Inpatient Respite Care General, Health Care
IRC Internal Revenue Code General
IRCA Immigration Reform & Control Act of 1986 General
IRD Intercomponent Review Draft General
IRD Internal Research & Development General
IRDS Information Resource Depository System General, IT Organization
IRDS Information Resource Dictionary System General, IT Organization
IRE Independent Review Entity General, Medicare Beneficiary
IRF Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility General, Health Care
IRIS Interim & Resident Information System General, Health Care
IRIS Interns & Residents Information System General, Health Care
IRM Information Resources Management General, IT Organization
IRMP Information Resource Management Program (or Plan) General, IT Organization
IRMS Information Resource Management Service General, IT Organization
IRP Incentive Reward Program General
IRP Insurance Reimbursement Program General, Health Care
IRP Interim Review Package General
IRR Implementation Readiness Review General
IRS Identical, Related & Similar (drugs) General, Health Care
IRSAP Internal Revenue Service Acquisition Procedure General
IRU Initial Review Unit General
IS Information Sharing (QC) General, IT Organization
IS Information System General, IT Organization
IS/T Information Systems/Technology General, IT Organization
ISA In Service Area General, Health Care
ISA Internet Security Assessment General, IT Organization
ISBN International Standard Book Number General
ISC Information Strategy Council (senior management team) General
ISC Intersystem Communication General, IT Organization
ISCLT International Society for Clinical Laboratory Technology General, Health Care
ISES Information System Empowerment Strategy General, IT Organization
ISFUG Integrated Software Federal Users Group General, IT Organization
ISM Information Systems Management General, IT Organization
ISO Interconnection System Operation (OSI Model) General, IT Organization
ISO International Standards Organization General
ISR Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance General, IT Organization
ISSO Information Systems Security Officer General, IT Organization
ISSP Information Systems Security Plan General, IT Organization
ISTP Intermediary System Testing Program General, Health Care
ISW Information Systems Workgroup (also ISWG) General, IT Organization
IT Information Technology General, IT Organization
IT Integration Team General, IT Organization
IT-IRB Information Technology Investment Review Board General, IT Organization
ITA Information Technology Architecture General, IT Organization
ITA International Trade Association General
ITAG Information Technology Architecture Group General, IT Organization
ITAR International Trafficking Acquisition Regulations General
ITC Information Technology Council General, IT Organization
ITC International Trade Commission General
ITMRA Information Technology Management Reform Act of 1996 General, IT Organization
ITPIL Initial Three Percent Investigation List General
ITS Information Technology Systems General, IT Organization
ITS Inspection Tracking System General
ITV InterAgency Transfer Voucher General
IU International Unit General
IUC Incurred But Unreported Claims Reserve General
IV&V Independent Validation & Verification General
IVR Interactive Voice Response General, IT Organization
IWD Individuals With Disabilities General, Health Care

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