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Step 2: Stage 2 Meaningful Use Core Objectives

If you are a Medicare Eligible Professional participating in the EHR Incentive Program, you will need to successfully demonstrate meaningful use of certified EHR technology. This application can serve as a guide of whether or not you meet the program’s Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements, but is not an actual attestation and does not guarantee that you will meet the program’s qualifications.

Instructions: Users must adequately answer each measure they intend to meet by either correctly filling in the numerator and denominator values, or successfully marking down an exclusion (for those that apply). For measures that provide more than one exclusion option for a given measure, users should only answer “yes” for the one exclusion they intend to claim and leave the other blank. Note, users must mark off each of the three meaningful use menu objectives they intend to meet by selecting the blank checkbox located below each menu objective. Similarly to the actual attestation system, users are not able to submit for more than three menu objectives.

Note: All providers must complete at least two years of Stage 1 before proceeding to Stage 2. See the Stage 1 calculator - Opens in a new window for Stage 1 requirements.