Jun 27, 2011

Energized by the SHIP Conference!

Gretchen Lopez
Ohio SHIP Director

Imagine gracious Texas hospitality, great technical information, a new training tool called a “wafer” (no, it’s not a snack – it’s the new USB flash drive that looks like a credit card and holds 2 GB’s worth of training materials), informative updates on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) national initiatives, personal access to national partners and lively peer sharing.

Then add sizzling temperatures, mouth-watering barbeque and grazing longhorns near the outer belt, and you’ve visualized the 17th Annual State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) Directors’ Conference.

I had the pleasure of exploring the diversity of SHIP programs via breakout sessions. Over lunch, we talked about the important work we do, the growing demands for detailed reporting, and our aging population.

I came home energized and ready to implement some of the ideas that were shared, such as working with city mayors, using the Open Enrollment toolkit over the next several months to ramp up our volunteer involvement, and providing performance “dashboards” to our County Coordinators.

Thanks Patsy for being the perfect Dallas hostess, and CMS for providing a great conference!

Note: If you missed it, check out the presentation materials available online.