Mar 21, 2011 – a new website for a new approach to healthcare

This week, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (“Innovation Center”) re-launched Along with providing information about the Innovation Center’s mission and values, the website provides ways for the Innovation Center to gather new ideas to improve our health care system. The Innovations website also encourages patients, clinicians, and others to share those ideas and get involved.

About the Innovation Center: Established under the Affordable Care Act, the Innovation Center’s mission is to help transform the American health care system by delivering better health and better healthcare for Medicare, Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) beneficiaries, and to reduce costs through improvement. The Center will accomplish these goals by being a constructive and trustworthy partner in identifying, testing and spreading successful new models of care and payment.

Clinicians, health systems and community leaders throughout the country are developing new models that provide better health and better health care at lower costs. We want to partner with these innovators to help them succeed. Using an open, transparent, and competitive process, the Innovation Center will identify, select, support and evaluate models that show promise.

Share your ideas for testing the next generation of health care models. We want your input for building the Center, and for identifying ways to deliver and pay for care that save money while improving health and health care for Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP beneficiaries.

What can we do to improve our nation’s health? How can we improve patients’ experience with the health care system? What will make health care more efficient and affordable? What is successful about the health care system in your community? We’ll take the best ideas, turn them into Innovation Center programs, and invite you and others to compete to bring them to fruition.

Join us in developing the Innovation Center and improving our healthcare system. Visit to learn more. We’re excited to have the opportunity to work with you.