Putting our Rethinking Rural Health Strategy into Action

Approximately 60 million Americans or roughly 1 in 5 live in rural areas, with nearly every state having a rural county. The Trump Administration recognizes the significant obstacles faced by patients and providers in rural areas. Among the five leading causes of death, rates are higher for rural communities, and for several conditions the gap between urban and rural communities has widened.

Recovery Audits: Improvements to Protect Taxpayer Dollars and put Patients over Paperwork

Some argue the solution to our nation’s health care problems is a government-run health insurance program for everyone. While they may point to Medicare’s low administrative costs as a reason to expand the program, the reality is that these costs are low in part because we must target our program integrity efforts.

Good Ideas Must Be Evaluated

Two years ago today I was sworn in as CMS Administrator. One of my first actions when I began this journey was to send a letter to the nation’s governors in which I committed to ushering in a new era for the federal and state Medicaid partnership, granting states more freedom to design innovative local solutions.