Web Pricers

Web Pricers

Disclaimer: The Web Pricers are a tool used to estimate Medicare PPS payments only. The final estimate may not match payments determined in the Medicare claims processing system due to the fact that some data is factored in the Web Pricer estimate amount that is paid by Medicare via provider cost reports. A variance between actual Medicare payment and a Web Pricer estimate may exist as there is a lag in quarterly updates to provider data. Likewise, due to the lag time, the absence of a record for any given provider in the Provider Specific File that accompanies the Web Pricers DOES NOT necessarily imply that the missing provider is not enrolled in Medicare and/or is not eligible for payment under Medicare. In such situations, the Web Pricers offers flexibility by allowing users to modify data in the provider directory to reflect different values.

Web Pricer FAQs

  1. How will I know when a Web Pricer is available for the Calendar or Fiscal Year?
    An announcement will be published at the top of the applicable Web Pricer page and in a Medicare Learning Network (MLN) article.  Subscribe to the MLN Connects® newsletter for updates.  
  2. Do the Web Pricers require downloading to a computer? 
    Although Web Pricers are a continuation of the old COBOL Personal Computer (PC) Pricer experience, a download is not required for use.
  3. Which browsers should be used with the Web Pricers?   
    For the best user experience, access the Web Pricer through Google Chrome.  The Web Pricer can also be accessed through Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported  
  4. Are there user manuals for the Web Pricers?  Where are they located?
    User Manuals are not created for Web Pricers. Instead, the application contains information icons next to each field name and a Help Drawer feature to assist users with navigating the Web Pricers.
  5. Where can I find the JAVA source code used in Web Pricers? 
    Available source code can be found on the Pricer Source Code page.
  6. How do I print out the results of an estimate generated by the Web Pricer? 
    Results may be printed out by selecting the “print” option of the browser being used.  There is also an option to “print” then “save as PDF” to create a PDF document of the results.

Web Pricer Applications

Visit the pages below to access the Web Pricer applications:

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