Data Architecture & Engineering

Data Architecture & Engineering

Data Architecture and Engineering is an ongoing operation supporting successful Information Technology (IT) project implementation for the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). DAES is a function under the CMS Enterprise Architecture (EA) Program.

Primary areas of responsibility include maintaining data description guidelines, providing data architecture advising and engineering consultations for IT project teams.

Data Architecture & Engineering Services (DAES)

The following services are provided in support of the agency's data management and data utilization objective:

Data Architecture Advising - Provides assistance in identifying and understanding CMS data resources, and advisement in data architecture technology application. Example artifacts and activities include:

  • Logical data model reviews advising on data description and design practices
  • Data architecture diagrams depicting technical solutions, data relationships and movement
  • Data architecture consults advising on use of architecture patterns (flow, storage, query, API, etc.) and data management technologies

Data Design & Engineering - Provides data description and modeling assistance and data solution engineering collaboration. Example artifacts and activities include:

  • Solution engagements with IT project teams to demonstrate new data management methods and technologies
  • Project-level data and information models
  • CMS enterprise data description products (e.g.; CMS Data Taxonomy, Enterprise Logical Data Model, Standard Terms List)
  • Data description guidelines (naming, definition, modeling)

To request services, please complete the service request form available under Downloads. Questions or requests for DAES services should be submitted to:

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