Demonstration Payment System

Demonstration Payment System


The Demonstration Payment System (DPS) application is an internal system residing on the CMS mainframe within the Baltimore Data Center (BDC), located at 7500 Security Blvd., Baltimore, MD 21244.  The DPS was developed to automate a manual process that was used to prepare payment data for input to the CMS Financial Accounting and Control System (FACS) in generating payments through the United States Department of the Treasury. The payments are for demonstration claims, services, or other incentives and awards that are processed by the Division of Financial Services and Evaluation (DFSE).

The DFSE serves as the payment agent or fiscal intermediary/carrier for various demonstration projects; as of August 2012, there are approximately ten active projects for which DFSE uses the DPS to disburse payments. Using the payee/enrollment information developed by the demonstration business owners or their designated contractors, DFSE staff enters payment and banking information into DPS via electronic file or data entry.  After the payment information has been verified, an electronic payment file is sent to FACS authorizing the United States Department of the Treasury to issue payments. Pre and Final Treasury reports are generated for DFSE staff to verify the file contents before the request for payment is sent to the Treasury by FACS.

The Pre-Treasury Report, Final Treasury Report, and Treasury File are generated by the DPS software.  All contain banking information and therefore require security and privacy measures.  The reports are directed to the secure bins at the BDC.  The file is a production file protected by RACF profiles.

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