Home Health Quality Reporting Program Help Desks ​

Home Health Quality Reporting Program Help Desks ​

This page provides contact information for providers to ask questions, troubleshoot problems, and request guidance and support. The different Help Desks and their focus areas are listed below.

Note: DO NOT SEND ANY IDENTIFIABLE PATIENT INFORMATION THROUGH EMAIL. This includes medical record numbers, dates of birth, service dates (including visit dates, admission dates, or discharge dates), or any other data items considered identifiers or Protected Health Information (PHI) under HIPAA.

Home Health Quality Help Deskhomehealthqualityquestions@cms.hhs.gov

Questions related to Home Health Quality Measures include, but not limited to quality manuals, quality measures, measure calculation (OBQI, OBQM, PBQI, Quality of Patient Care Stars, Home Health Compare), risk adjustment, public reporting, and Quality Assessment Only (QAO)/Pay for Reporting (P4R).

Home Health CAHPS: hhcahps@rti.org; Phone: 1-866-354-0985

Questions related to the Home Health Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers & Systems (CAHPS®) Survey or the Patient Survey Star Ratings.

Expanded Home Health Value-Based Purchasing (HH VBP) Model Help Desk: HHVBPquestions@cms.hhs.gov


Questions related to the expanded HH VBP Model include but are not limited to preparing for Performance Year 1 (CY 2023), Total Performance Score (TPS) calculation, HH VBP reports, and payment adjustments. Additional information and resources are available on the Expanded HH VBP Model webpage.

Reconsideration, Exceptions, and Extensions: HHAPUReconsiderations@cms.hhs.gov

HH providers can submit a reconsideration request or ask other questions related to reconsideration and appeals procedures for payment determination, or exceptions and extensions for extraordinary circumstances.

Technical Help Desk: iqies@cms.hhs.gov; Phone:1-877-201-4721 (Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m.- 7:00 p.m. Central Time)

Questions related to the iQIES, JHAVEN, or other technical assistance information, including error messages or record rejections.

Star Ratings Help Desks

Patient Survey Stars & Home Health CAHPShhcahps@rti.org; Phone: 1-866-354-0985

Questions related to the Home Health (CAHPS®) Survey or the Patient Survey Star Ratings

Quality of Patient Care Star Ratings:


Questions related to HH Quality of Patient Care Star Ratings, including related preview reports and methodology for calculation using OASIS-based and Medicare claims-based measures.


All requests for a formal review of Quality of Patient Care Star Ratings, including requests to suppress data.

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