American Indian/Alaska Native Center


Division of Tribal Affairs 

Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services (CMCS)

• Provides consultation and support to CMS components for all activities related to American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) health.

• Advises the CMS Administrator, senior staff, and other CMS components on matters that affect AI/AN health – including, policy analysis, AI/AN/Tribal/Tribal Technical Advisory Group (TTAG) perspective, consultation, and strategies for information dissemination.

• Represents the Administrator and Principal Deputy Administrator in communications with tribes and tribal representatives, Federal Agencies, national organizations and groups, State and local governments in matters pertaining to AI/AN health.

• Liaison between CMS and AI/AN communities including tribal leaders, health providers, beneficiaries and other Federal Agencies in regards to AI/AN health and CMS programs.

• Manages correspondence between CMS and the tribes and tribal advisors – including letters to the Administrator and recommendations from TTAG.

• Provides advice, support, and guidance to CMS regional offices on AI/AN issues/programs on a national and local level. Works closely with designated Native American contacts in each region.

• Maintains a national presence by attending, presenting, and exhibiting at national and local conferences and meetings including those for AI/AN health professionals, beneficiaries, State and local officials, and tribal leaders. 

• Coordinates local activities with the Regional Offices.

• Provides CMS staff with an internal resource on all AI/AN health issue.  Works closely with CMS Central Office staff providing guidance, training, and expertise on AI/AN health.

• Analyzes and develops draft policy solutions in partnership with appropriate CMS Centers, Offices, and Chief Operating Officer.

• Reviews and serves as point of contact for regulations affecting AI/AN health.

• Manages the extensive AI/AN health facilities satellite network.

• Manages and coordinates grants, contracts and interagency agreements regarding AI/AN health initiatives.

• Leads and coordinates messaging  with the Office of Communication’s Creative Services Group in creating and disseminating informational materials to AI/AN beneficiaries, providers, and relevant health professionals on CMS programs. This includes multimedia (video & radio), printed materials, satellite training network productions and curriculum for tribal colleges and universities.

•Is the point of contact for TTAG.  Coordinates TTAG membership and meetings. Carries forward TTAG’s advice to CMS staff.

• Coordinates Presidential Executive Orders and congressional directives related to consultation with AI/AN tribes.

• Facilitates the coordination and implementation of CMS initiatives related to Indian health on national, State, tribal/community levels.

• Develops partnerships and maintain relationships with tribes, tribal organizations, AI/AN health professionals and organizations, Federal Agencies, and other relevant groups to improve the implementation of CMS programs and initiatives.

• Serves as initial point of contact and link to resources at CMS for anyone interested in AI/AN health

• Ensures that activities and initiatives are aligned with the objectives of CMS’ Strategic Action Plan and establishes appropriate measures to assess and track success in meeting objectives.

Kitty Marx, Director, CMCS Division of Tribal Affairs 

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