ICD-10-CM/PCS MS-DRG v38.0 Definitions Manual

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Appendix B Diagnosis Code/MDC/MS-DRG Index

The Diagnosis Code/MDC/MS-DRG Index lists each diagnosis code, as well as the MDC, and the MS-DRGs to which the diagnosis is used to define the logic of the DRG either as a principal or secondary diagnosis. This index assumes that the secondary diagnoses do not cause assignment to MDCs 24 or 25, and that the procedures do not cause assignment to the Heart Transplant/Heart Assist System Implant, Liver or Intestinal Transplant, Lung Transplant, Bone Marrow Transplant, ECMO, Tracheostomy, Simultaneous Pancreas/Kidney Transplant or Pancreas Transplant DRGs.


Diagnosis Code/MDC/MS-DRG Index

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