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MDC 14 Pregnancy, Childbirth & the Puerperium

MDC 14 Assignment of Diagnosis Codes

Surgical DRGs. O.R.Procedure of ...

Cesarean Section
Yes 765
No 766

Vaginal Delivery with O.R. Procedure
Sterilization and/or D&C DRG
Yes 767
No 768

Postpartum and Post Abortion Diagnoses with O.R. Procedure

Abortion with D&C, Aspiration Curettage or Hysterotomy

Medical DRGs. Principal Diagnosis of ...

Vaginal Delivery with Complicating Diagnoses

Vaginal Delivery without Complicating Diagnoses

Postpartum and Post Abortion Diagnoses without O.R. Procedure

Ectopic Pregnancy

Threatened Abortion

Abortion without D&C

False Labor

Other Antepartum Diagnoses with Medical Complications

Other Antepartum Diagnoses without Medical Complications

Principal Diagnosis Invalid as Discharge Diagnosis

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