Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

HHS is deeply committed to public participation in the building of the new Marketplaces.  Through an ongoing stakeholder consultation process, we have sought input from interested stakeholders, including states, issuers, and consumers in State Partnership and Federally-facilitated Health Insurance Marketplace States.

CMS is kicking off the next phase of our stakeholder engagement with an open, national conference call in March 2013, to be followed by quarterly calls throughout 2013 in each Federally-Facilitated and State Partnership Marketplace State.  We will solicit input about the frequency of stakeholder consultations in 2014 and beyond.

In addition, regional offices will also meet with a range of stakeholder groups on a regular basis to continually share information.

Groups or individuals who are interested in becoming involved in these calls should check the "Open Door Forum Page"  to register.  

This is an important opportunity for us to hear directly from individuals and organizations that will be able to utilize the new Health Insurance Marketplace so that there is an understanding of how it will work and when it will be ready.

CMS will evaluate the information and feedback provided in the stakeholder consultation process.

The Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight website includes links to other ways that stakeholders can be engaged in addition to these meetings.  Links to all of our regulations, guidance and other information can be found here.  CMS has also sought the advice of its Advisory Panel on Outreach and Education.  The Federal Advisory Committee Act panel advises and make recommendations on CMS' programs, including the Exchanges.  


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