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Page Help for Coding Analysis for Labs (CAL) for Blood Counts (Addition of ICD-9-CM Codes V77.1, V81.0, V81.1, and V81.2 to the list of Codes that Do Not Support Medical Necessity) (CAG-00285N)

This Coding Analysis for Labs (CAL) page displays contact information, document links, and history of considerations information for the record.

Print Complete Record Button: This button will format a page to print the record.

Add to Basket Button: This button will store the selected record in your Basket.

Email Record Button: This button navigates to the Email page form.

Comment Button: If the record is open for public comment, the Comment Button will display. It is used to submit a public comment(s) for the document.

Section Header: The section header can be expanded and collapsed.

'Back to Top' Link: The 'Back to Top' link anchors to the top of the page.

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