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Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Page Help for Coding Analysis for Labs (CAL) for Lipid and Blood Glucose Testing (Modification of Code List to Implement Screening Benefit Added by Medicare Modernization Act (MMA) (CAG-00266N)

This Coding Analysis for Labs (CAL) page displays contact information, document links, and history of considerations information for the record.

'Print Complete Record' Button: This button will format a page to print the record.

'Add to Basket' Button: This button will store the selected record in your Basket.

'Email Record' Button: This button navigates to the Email page form.

'Comment' Button: If the record is open for public comment, the 'Comment' button will display. It is used to submit a public comment(s) for the document.

Section Header: The section header can be expanded and collapsed.

'Back to Top' Link: The 'Back to Top' link anchors to the top of the page.

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