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Page Help for National Coverage Determination (NCD) for Cryosurgery of Prostate (230.9)

This National Coverage Determination (NCD) page displays the contents of the selected NCD. The associated NCAs and Claims Processing Instructions, if any, are listed at the bottom.

Print Complete Record Button: This button will format a page to print the record.

Add to Basket Button: This button will store the selected record in your Basket.

Email Record Button: This button navigates to the Email page form.

"Expand All" / "Collapse All" Links: The "Expand All" and "Collapse All" links are used to expand or collapse all sections or a series of sections on a page.

Number of Records: This number represents the number of records available in a set.

Section Header: The blue bar at the top of a boxed section is called a Section Header. In some cases, the section header can be expanded and collapsed. An +/- in the upper-left corner of the blue bar indicates if the section may be expanded or collapsed.

"Back to Top" arrow: The "Back to Top" arrow is a shortcut that allows users to quickly navigate to the top of the page.

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