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Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

CPT/HCPCS Codes included in Range 78000 - 79999

CPT/HCPCS CodeCPT/HCPCS Code Description
78012Thyroid uptake measurement
78013Thyroid imaging w/blood flow
78014Thyroid imaging w/blood flow
78015Thyroid met imaging
78016Thyroid met imaging/studies
78018Thyroid met imaging body
78020Thyroid met uptake
78070Parathyroid planar imaging
78071Parathyrd planar w/wo subtrj
78072Parathyrd planar w/spect&ct
78075Adrenal cortex & medulla img
78099Endocrine nuclear procedure
78102Bone marrow imaging ltd
78103Bone marrow imaging mult
78104Bone marrow imaging body
78110Plasma volume single
78111Plasma volume multiple
78120Red cell mass single
78121Red cell mass multiple
78122Blood volume
78130Red cell survival study
78135Red cell survival kinetics
78140Red cell sequestration
78185Spleen imaging
78190Platelet survival kinetics
78191Platelet survival
78195Lymph system imaging
78199Blood/lymph nuclear exam
78201Liver imaging
78202Liver imaging with flow
78205Liver imaging (3D)
78206Liver image (3d) with flow
78215Liver and spleen imaging
78216Liver & spleen image/flow
78226Hepatobiliary system imaging
78227Hepatobil syst image w/drug
78230Salivary gland imaging
78231Serial salivary imaging
78232Salivary gland function exam
78258Esophageal motility study
78261Gastric mucosa imaging
78262Gastroesophageal reflux exam
78264Gastric emptying study
78267Breath tst attain/anal c-14
78268Breath test analysis c-14
78270Vit B-12 absorption exam
78271Vit b-12 absrp exam int fac
78272Vit b-12 absorp combined
78278Acute GI blood loss imaging
78282GI protein loss exam
78290Meckels divert exam
78291Leveen/shunt patency exam
78299GI nuclear procedure
78300Bone imaging limited area
78305Bone imaging multiple areas
78306Bone imaging whole body
78315Bone imaging 3 phase
78320Bone imaging (3D)
78350Bone mineral single photon
78351Bone mineral dual photon
78399Musculoskeletal nuclear exam
78414Non-imaging heart function
78428Cardiac shunt imaging
78445Vascular flow imaging
78451Ht muscle image spect sing
78452Ht muscle image spect mult
78453Ht muscle image planar sing
78454Ht musc image planar mult
78456Acute venous thrombus image
78457Venous thrombosis imaging
78458Ven thrombosis images bilat
78459Heart muscle imaging (PET)
78466Heart infarct image
78468Heart infarct image (ef)
78469Heart infarct image (3D)
78472Gated heart planar single
78473Gated heart multiple
78481Heart first pass single
78483Heart first pass multiple
78491Heart image (pet) single
78492Heart image (pet) multiple
78494Heart image spect
78496Heart first pass add-on
78499Cardiovascular nuclear exam
78579Lung ventilation imaging
78580Lung perfusion imaging
78582Lung ventilat&perfus imaging
78597Lung perfusion differential
78598Lung perf&ventilat diferentl
78599Respiratory nuclear exam
78600Brain image < 4 views
78601Brain image w/flow < 4 views
78605Brain image 4+ views
78606Brain image w/flow 4 + views
78607Brain imaging (3D)
78608Brain imaging (PET)
78609Brain imaging (PET)
78610Brain flow imaging only
78630Cerebrospinal fluid scan
78635CSF ventriculography
78645CSF shunt evaluation
78647Cerebrospinal fluid scan
78650CSF leakage imaging
78660Nuclear exam of tear flow
78699Nervous system nuclear exam
78700Kidney imaging morphol
78701Kidney imaging with flow
78707K flow/funct image w/o drug
78708K flow/funct image w/drug
78709K flow/funct image multiple
78710Kidney imaging (3D)
78725Kidney function study
78730Urinary bladder retention
78740Ureteral reflux study
78761Testicular imaging w/flow
78799Genitourinary nuclear exam
78800Tumor imaging limited area
78801Tumor imaging mult areas
78802Tumor imaging whole body
78803Tumor imaging (3D)
78804Tumor imaging whole body
78805Abscess imaging ltd area
78806Abscess imaging whole body
78807Nuclear localization/abscess
78808Iv inj ra drug dx study
78811Pet image ltd area
78812Pet image skull-thigh
78813Pet image full body
78814Pet image w/ct lmtd
78815Pet image w/ct skull-thigh
78816Pet image w/ct full body
78999Nuclear diagnostic exam
79005Nuclear rx oral admin
79101Nuclear rx iv admin
79200Nuclear rx intracav admin
79300Nuclr rx interstit colloid
79403Hematopoietic nuclear tx
79440Nuclear rx intra-articular
79445Nuclear rx intra-arterial
79999Nuclear medicine therapy