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View Public Comments for Gender Dysphoria and Gender Reassignment Surgery (CAG-00446N)

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My name is [Name removed by request] [PHI Redacted] One may ask why would a person feel they need to change their gender... I reply... imagine waking up to a body you DO NOT identify with and hate. Imagine this is your life to endure a daily regimen of negatively looking at your self and your body. Transgender people, are not freaks. [PHI Redacted]

[PHI Redacted] for many transgender people they would rather no longer be alive then to continue suffering on a daily basis and living in a body that they do not identify with. [PHI Redacted]

Please, please know that Transgender people fight everyday against themselves, society, employment, medical access etc. Everyday their is a stigma attached to the word Transgender.... and being able to have access to medical care ie. hormones, surgeries gives transgender people the opportunity to live their authentic lives which ultimately will reward society in the long run by having more citizens out in the work force, paying taxes and money to spend in local communities.

Please just imagine if your child or sister or brother or close friend came to you expressing their desire to transition.... would you still contemplate on if medical services was needed and should be covered...??

I thank you sincerely for your time and wish each of you a Happy Holiday Season.


[Name removed by request]