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View Public Comments for Gender Dysphoria and Gender Reassignment Surgery (CAG-00446N)

Bowman, Alisa
All major medical groups – American Medical Association, American Psychological Association, etc – now recognize the medical need for transgender people to transition medically. A vast number of studies show that medical transition reduces depression and anxiety and suicide risk, and also helps to solve the problem of body dysphoria. Fewer than 1 percent of people are transgender, which means that the costs to the government to cover medical transition are low. Again studies show this. It's not a matter of opinion. At the same time, the costs to the individual are prohibitive. People are dying (literally) because they are getting hormones off the black market (which are cheaper), committing suicide, or traveling to other countries for surgeries. Every other industrialized country covers these procedures under their health plan. In the Netherlands, medial transition is free. It should be in the US, too. Please make this decision based on medical research and facts and not based on the opinions of ideological haters.