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View Public Comments for Gender Dysphoria and Gender Reassignment Surgery (CAG-00446N)

Bathory, David
Bathory International PLLC

I am a licensed psychologist and gender specialist. Over my almost 20 years of practice I have seen numerous individuals with Gender Dysphoria. Many of these people were presenting in crisis, unable to find competent medical and psychiatric care due to the ignorance of many professions concerning the disorder and its treatment. Without treatment many people with Gender Dysphoria become severely depressed and often suicidal. They feel trapped in a body that does not meet their gender identity. without both psychological support through this process and medical interventions (such as hormone replacement and gender confirmation surgery) they are left in a state of no hope. People with Gender Dysphoria come from all ethnic, racial socio-economic groups and levels of intelligence and functioning. They represent a sample of the greater population and as so are engaged in all types of lifestyles education and employment. By removing the options for psychological support and medical transition the majority will either be permanently disabled due to their psychological distress or commit suicide. I cannot stress the importance of these services enough in moving people from a temporary hardship to being productive citizens. I hope CMS will endeavor to conduct a research study to demonstrate the positive outcomes Gender Dysphoria services have on the lives of these individuals.

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