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View Public Comments for Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) Therapy (Section C, Topical Oxygen) (CAG-00060R)

achilles, donna

Several years ago EO2 concepts and [PHI Redacted] joined together to heal a wound [PHI Redacted] had beneath his ankle. Through their hard work, dedication and CDO therapy, they accomplished in 9 1/2 months what a world renown wound care treatment center couldn't do in 6 years. It was an absolute honor dealing with Dr. Gillespie, Chip, Cassie and the other staff at EO2 Concepts and to witness their efforts in doing what I thought wasn't possible...healing [PHI Redacted]. The CDO therapy was the turning point in this whole experience. Without it and the brain trust involved in this process, [PHI Redacted] could very well be an amputee. As it is, he is not, and therefore, has both his health and dignity. Thank you EO2 concepts for this amazing therapy and the difference it made in our lives.


Donna Achilles