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View Public Comments for Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) Therapy (Section C, Topical Oxygen) (CAG-00060R)

Gingrich, Kristin
Total Footcare

I am a podiatrist in Richmond Va. I have used the Topical HBO in my practice for ulcerations. It has been a huge benefit for patients to be able to do this therapy at home vs. going to a clinic. There is a large wait period at clinics, patients have to go every day and this becomes exhausting for patients. (besides inconvenient and costly to pt). A lot of times patients have multiple health problems and can be very fragile. The home oxygen treatment has worked well to heal ulcerations esp when patients have less vascular to the foot or ankle. Patients were very pleased in how easy it was to use and worked to heal their ulcerations when nothing else seemed to work. I don't understand how a wound vac can be covered but not this device. It makes perfect sense to use a device at home, pt does not have to carry it around with them, and it works. I do think this would be a wonderful addition to help diabetics and non diabetics with all types of ulcerations. Because the cost in an amputation or the cost in Hyperbaric chamber they have to go to is extreme. I have found the topical HBO to work great in my practice and a tremendous benefit to patients well being and health.

Thank you,

Dr. Kristin Gingrich