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For services performed on or after 10/01/2015
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Coverage Guidance

Coverage Indications, Limitations, and/or Medical Necessity


Radioallergosorbent test (RAST), fluoroallergosorbent test (FAST), and multiple antigen simultaneous tests are in vitro techniques for determining whether a patient's serum contains IgE antibodies against specific allergens of clinical importance. As with any allergy testing, the need for such tests is based on the findings during a complete history and physical examination of the patient.

The multiple antigen simultaneous testing technique is similar to the RAST/FAST techniques in that it depends upon the existence of allergic antibodies in the blood of the patient being tested. With the multiple antigen simultaneous test system, several antigens may be used to test for specific IgE simultaneously.

ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) is another in vitro method of allergy testing for specific IgE antibodies against allergens. This method is also a variation of RAST.


The following tests are considered to be not medically necessary and will be denied.

  • ELISA/Act qualitative antibody testing
    This testing is used to determine in vitro reaction to various foods and relies on lymphocyte blastogenesis in response to certain food antigens.
  • LMRA (Lymphocyte Mitogen Response Assays) by ELISA/Act
  • IgG ELISA, indirect method
  • Qualitative multi-allergen screen
    This is a non-specific test that does not identify a specific antigen.
  • IgG and IgG subclass antibody tests for food allergy do not have clinical relevance, are not validated, lack sufficient quality control, and should not be performed.


Summary of Evidence


Analysis of Evidence (Rationale for Determination)


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This bibliography presents those sources that were obtained during the development of this policy. National Government Services is not responsible for the continuing viability of Web site addresses listed below.

Adkinson NF, Yunginger JW, Busse WW, et al Middleton’s Allergy: Principles and Practice, 6th ed.

American College of Asthma, Allergy & Immunology (ACAAI). Practice Parameters for Allergy Diagnostic Testing. 1998.

Bernstein LI, Li JT, Bernstein DI et al, Practice Parameters for Allergy Diagnostic Testing: An Updated Practice Parameter. March 2008;100:S1-S148.

Revision History Information

Revision History DateRevision History NumberRevision History ExplanationReasons for Change
11/07/2019 R5

Consistent with Change Request 10901, all coding information, National coverage provisions, and Associated Information (Documentation Requirements, Utilization Guidelines) have been removed from the LCD and placed in the related Billing and Coding Article, A56844. There has been no change in coverage with this LCD revision.

  • Revisions Due To Code Removal
01/01/2018 R4

Based on the 2018 annual HCPCS update, CPT code 86008 has been added to the CPT/HCPCS section and to the Group 1 paragraph for ICD-10 Codes that support Medical Necessity and the descriptions for CPT codes 86003 and 86005 have been revised.

DATE (01/01/2018): At this time 21st Century Cures Act will apply to new and revised LCDs that restrict coverage which requires comment and notice. This revision is not a restriction to the coverage determination; and, therefore not all the fields included on the LCD are applicable as noted in this policy.

  • Revisions Due To CPT/HCPCS Code Changes
10/01/2015 R3 The ICD-10 range T78.01XA-T78.49XS has been broken out to remove ICD-10 codes T78.1XXA-T78.1XXS and T78.41XA-T78.41XS.
  • Revisions Due To ICD-10-CM Code Changes
10/01/2015 R2 The following ICD-10 codes have been added: T36.0X5A - T36.0X5S, T36.1X5A - T36.1X5S, T36.2X5A - T36.2X5S, T36.3X5A - T36.3X5S, T36.4X5A - T36.4X5S, T36.5X5A - T36.5X5S, T36.6X5A - T36.6X5S, T36.7X5A - T36.7X5S, T36.8X5A - T36.8X5S, T36.95XA - T36.95XS, T37.0X5A - T37.0X5S, T37.1X5A - T37.1X5S, T37.2X5A - T37.2X5S, T37.3X5A - T37.3X5S, T37.4X5A - T37.4X5S, T37.5X5A - T37.5X5S, T37.8X5A - T37.8X5S, T37.95XA - T37.95XS,T38.0X5A - T38.0X5S, T38.1X5A - T38.1X5S, T38.2X5A - T38.2X5S, T38.4X5A - T38.4X5S, T38.5X5A - T38.5X5S, T38.6X5A - T38.6X5S, T38.7X5A - T38.7X5S, T38.805A - T38.805S, T38.815A - T38.815S, T38.895A - T38.895S, T38.905A - T38.905S, T38.995A - T38.995S, T39.015A - T39.015S, T39.095A - T39.095S, T39.1X5A - T39.1X5S, T39.2X5A - T39.2X5S, T39.315A - T39.315S, T39.395A - T39.395S, T39.4X5A - T39.4X5S, T39.8X5A - T39.8X5S, T39.95XA - T39.95XS, T40.0X5A - T40.0X5S, T40.2X5A - T40.2X5S, T40.3X5A - T40.3X5S, T40.4X5A - T40.4X5S, T40.5X5A - T40.5X5S, T40.605A - T40.605S, T40.695A - T40.695S, T40.7X5A - T40.7X5S, T40.905A - T40.905S, T40.995A - T40.995S, T41.0X5A - T41.0X5S, T41.1X5A - T41.1X5S, T41.295A - T41.295S, T41.3X5A - T41.3X5S, T41.5X5A - T41.5X5S, T42.0X5A - T42.0X5S, T42.1X5A - T42.1X5S, T42.2X5A - T42.2X5S, T42.3X5A - T42.3X5S, T42.4X5A - T42.4X5S, T42.5X5A - T42.5X5S, T42.6X5A - T42.6X5S, T42.75XA - T42.75XS, T42.8X5A - T42.8X5S, T43.015A - T43.015S, T43.025A - T43.025S, T43.1X5A - T43.1X5S, T43.205A - T43.205S, T43.215A - T43.215S, T43.225A - T43.225S, T43.295A - T43.295S, T43.3X5A - T43.3X5S, T43.4X5A - T43.4X5S, T43.505A - T43.505S, T43.595A - T43.595S, T43.605A - T43.605S, T43.615A - T43.615S, T43.625A - T43.625S, T43.635A - T43.635S, T43.695A - T43.695S, T43.8X5A - T43.8X5S, T43.95XA - T43.95XS, T44.0X5A - T44.0X5S, T44.1X5A - T44.1X5S, T44.2X5A - T44.2X5S, T44.3X5A - T44.3X5S, T44.4X5A - T44.4X5S, T44.5X5A - T44.5X5S, T44.6X5A - T44.6X5S, T44.7X5A - T44.7X5S, T44.8X5A - T44.8X5S, T44.905A - T44.905S, T44.995A - T44.995S, T45.0X5A - T45.0X5S, T45.1X5A - T45.1X5S, T45.2X5A - T45.2X5S, T45.3X5A - T45.3X5S, T45.4X5A - T45.4X5S, T45.515A - T45.515S, T45.525A - T45.525S, T45.605A - T45.605S, T45.615A - T45.615S, T45.625A - T45.625S, T45.695A - T45.695S, T45.7X5A - T45.7X5S, T45.8X5A - T45.8X5S, T45.95XA - T45.95XS, T46.0X5A - T46.0X5S, T46.1X5A - T46.1X5S, T46.2X5A - T46.2X5S, T46.3X5A - T46.3X5S, T46.4X5A - T46.4X5S, T46.5X5A - T46.5X5S, T46.6X5A - T46.6X5S, T46.7X5A - T46.7X5S, T46.8X5A - T46.8X5S, T46.905A - T46.905S, T46.995A - T46.995S, T47.0X5A - T47.0X5S, T47.1X5A - T47.1X5S, T47.2X5A - T47.2X5S, T47.3X5A - T47.3X5S, T47.4X5A - T47.4X5S, T47.5X5A - T47.5X5S, T47.6X5A - T47.6X5S, T47.7X5A - T47.7X5S, T47.8X5A - T47.8X5S, T47.95XA - T47.95XS, T48.0X5A - T48.0X5S, T48.1X5A - T48.1X5S, T48.205A - T48.205S, T48.295A - T48.295S, T48.3X5A - T48.3X5S, T48.4X5A - T48.4X5S, T48.5X5A - T48.5X5S, T48.6X5A - T48.6X5S, T48.905A - T48.905S, T48.995A - T48.995S, T49.0X5A - T49.0X5S, T49.1X5A - T49.1X5S, T49.2X5A - T49.2X5S, T49.3X5A - T49.3X5S, T49.4X5A - T49.4X5S, T49.5X5A - T49.5X5S, T49.6X5A - T49.6X5S, T49.7X5A - T49.7X5S, T49.8X5A - T49.8X5S, T49.95XA - T49.95XS, T50.0X5A - T50.0X5S, T50.1X5A - T50.1X5S, T50.2X5A - T50.2X5S, T50.3X5A - T50.3X5S, T50.4X5A - T50.4X5S, T50.5X5A - T50.5X5S, T50.6X5A - T50.6X5S, T50.7X5A - T50.7X5S, T50.8X5A - T50.8X5S, T50.A15A - T50.A15S, T50.A25A - T50.A25S, T50.A95A - T50.A95S, T50.B15A - T50.B15S, T50.B95A - T50.B95S, T50.Z15A - T50.Z15S, T50.Z95A - T50.Z95S, T50.905A - T50.905S, T50.995A - T50.995S, T63.011A - T63.044S, T63.061A - T63.093S, T63.094D, T63.094S, T63.111A - T63.124S, T63.191A - T63.194S, T63.2X1A - T63.2X4S, T63.311A - T63.334S, T63.391A - T63.394S, T63.411A – T63.483S, T63.484D, T63.484S, T63.511A - T63.514S, T63.591A - T63.594S, T63.611A - T63.634S, T63.691A – T63.693S, T63.694D, T63.694S, T63.711A - T63.714S, T63.791A – T63.793S, T63.794D, T63.794S, T63.811A - T63.834S, T63.891A - T63.894S, T78.00XA - T78.00XS, T78.01XD, T78.01XS, T78.02XD, T78.02XS, T78.03XD, T78.03XS, T78.04XD, T78.04XS, T78.05XD, T78.05XS, T78.06XD, T78.06XS, T78.07XD, T78.07XS, T78.08XD, T78.08XS, T78.09XD, T78.09XS, T78.2XXD, T78.2XXS, T78.3XXD, T78.3XXS, T78.40XD, T78.40XS, T78.49XD, T78.49XS. T88.6XXA – T88.6XXS.
The following ICD-10 codes have been removed: T63.91XA - T63.94XA and T88.59XA.
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10/01/2015 R1 Add Bill type codes
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