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Prosthetic Shoe


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Prosthetic Shoe
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This is a longstanding national coverage determination. The effective date of this version has not been posted.

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Artificial Legs, Arms, and Eyes

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Indications and Limitations of Coverage

A prosthetic shoe (a device used when all or a substantial portion of the front part of the foot is missing) can be covered as a terminal device; i.e., a structural supplement replacing a totally or substantially absent hand or foot. The coverage of artificial arms and legs includes payment for terminal devices such as hands or hooks even though the patient may not require an artificial limb. The function of the prosthetic shoe is quite distinct from that of excluded orthopedic shoe and supportive foot devices which are used by individuals whose feet, although impaired, are essentially intact. (Section 1862(a)(8) of the Act excludes payment for orthopedic shoes or other supportive devices for the feet.)

Cross Reference
See the Medicare Benefit Policy Manual, Chapter 15 ยง130.

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5/1989 - Added statutory authority citation. Effective date NA. (TN 36)

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