Prospective Payment Systems - General Information

Prospective Payment Systems - General Information

A Prospective Payment System (PPS) is a method of reimbursement in which Medicare payment is made based on a predetermined, fixed amount. The payment amount for a particular service is derived based on the classification system of that service (for example, diagnosis-related groups for inpatient hospital services).  CMS uses separate PPSs for reimbursement to acute inpatient hospitals, home health agencies, hospice, hospital outpatient, inpatient psychiatric facilities, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, long-term care hospitals, and skilled nursing facilities.  See Related Links below for information about each specific PPS.

Zipcode to Carrier Locality File 

This file is primarily intended to map Zip Codes to CMS carriers and localities. This file will also map Zip Codes to their State. In addition, this file contains an urban, rural or a low density (qualified) area Zip Code indicator.

Provider Center

For a one-stop resource webpage focused on the informational needs and interests of Medicare Fee-for-Service (FFS) providers, including physicians, other practitioners and suppliers, go to the Provider Center (see under "Related Links" below).

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