Data and Program Reports

Data and Program Reports

Promoting Interoperability Historical Data: Public Use Files

The Medicare Promoting Interoperability Program EPs Public Use File (PUF), and the Medicare Promoting Interoperability Program Eligible Hospitals Public Use File (PUF) can be found here.

Recipients of Medicare Promoting Interoperability Program Payments

In compliance with the HITECH Act's requirement, CMS has posted the names, business phone numbers, and business addresses of Medicare (EPs), eligible hospitals, and (CAHs) that have successfully demonstrated meaningful use, and received a payment. Medicare EPs, eligible hospitals, and CAH's were able to verify and edit their business phone numbers and addresses during the registration process. CMS has not posted information on group practices, as incentive payments are not provided at the group practice level.

Historical CSV Files

Not all providers are eligible for the Medicare Promoting Interoperability Program. Only those professionals, hospitals, and CAHs that are eligible based on the regulation's eligibility requirements, attested to meaningfully using an EHR, and have received a Medicare incentive payment will be displayed online. Finally, the Act does not require CMS to post the names of EPs, eligible hospitals and CAHs that have received Medicaid EHR incentive payments

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