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Biden-Harris Administration Announces the Expansion of Medicaid Postpartum Coverage in Oklahoma; 30 States and D.C. Now Offer a Full Year of Coverage After Pregnancy

Thanks to the Biden-Harris Administration’s efforts to strengthen maternal health. an estimated 462,000 Americans annually are now eligible for essential care for a full year after pregnancy.
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HHS Approves California’s Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP) Demonstration Authority to Support Care for Justice-Involved People

First-of-its-kind initiative will help people get the behavioral health care they need as they leave incarceration
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HHS Expands Access to Essential Specialty Care for Millions of Medicaid and CHIP Beneficiaries

For the first time, states will be able to expand beneficiary access to specialty consultations, which can improve quality of care and outcomes for physical and behavioral health
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HHS Offers States Flexibility to Better Address Medicaid Enrollees’ Needs

As part of Biden-Harris Administration efforts to strengthen Medicaid, new guidance will help states expand access to health care services and tackle unmet social needs
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CMS Proposes Rule to Expand Access to Health Information and Improve the Prior Authorization Process

Proposals would support enhanced patient and provider access to health information while improving the prior authorization process to reduce provider burden
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HHS Approves Arkansas’ Medicaid Waiver to Provide Medically Necessary Housing and Nutrition Support Services

Arkansas will use its Medicaid demonstration to test health-related social needs interventions as key components of overall health for certain groups of Medicaid beneficiaries
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Biden-Harris Administration Announces More than Half of All States Have Expanded Access to 12 Months of Medicaid and CHIP Postpartum Coverage

An estimated 418,000 Americans annually are now eligible for essential care for a full year after pregnancy, thanks to the American Rescue Plan and the Biden-Harris Administration’s efforts to strengthen maternal health coverage.
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HHS Approves Arizona’s Medicaid Interventions to Target Health-Related Social Needs

Arizona Medicaid demonstration will test interventions that directly affect individuals’ health, like housing insecurity
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HHS Approves 12-month Extension of Postpartum Medicaid and CHIP Coverage in North Carolina

Announcement comes as CMS also celebrates all 50 states and D.C. providing dental coverage in Medicaid/CHIP for pregnant and postpartum individuals, part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s push for more comprehensive health care to support families, children, and communities in need.
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