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Biden-Harris Administration Quadruples the Number of Health Care Navigators Ahead of Open Enrollment Period

In largest-ever investment in the program, CMS is awarding $80 million to support Navigators in ensuring health coverage access to underserved populations
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HHS, National Partners Combine to Boost Black American Enrollment at

Estimated 66% of uninsured Black adults eligible for zero-dollar premium plans
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CMS Streamlines Medicaid Review Process, Achieves Significant Reduction in Approval Times

Today, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced significant improvements in managing the Medicaid program in partnership with states.  Identified early as a priority for both the Trump Administration and the National Association of Medicaid Director’s (NAMD), CMS has implemented changes resulting in faster processing of state requests to make program or benefit changes to their Medicaid program through the state plan amendment (SPA) and section 1915 waiver review process.  
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