Power Mobility Devices

Power Mobility Device (PMD)

We held a series of Special Open Door Forum calls in 2012 so suppliers and physicians could give us feedback on the PMD suggested clinical data elements (CDEs). You'll find the current draft available for download, below.

Health IT Vendors: To use the suggested CDEs, download or print and use as guidance in creating or enhancing existing electronic clinical templates within your electronic health record (EHR) system.

Type of Documentation Download
F2F Encounter  
Power Mobility Device F2F Encounter

CDEs (PDF) Draft v9.8 (11/02/12)


The Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General’s studies have found that 80% of the claims for PMDs Medicare paid didn’t meet coverage requirements. Proper documentation of the face-to-face is essential to ensure that PMD coverage requirements have been met. Review the OIG Report - Power Wheelchairs.

You can find more details about PMDs on the CMS Medicare Learning Network MLN Matters Fact Sheet (SE1112) (PDF) or use the Advanced Search function on the Medicare Coverage Database for easy access to more coverage guidelines and requirements.


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