Respiratory Assist Devices

Respiratory Assist Devices

You can use the printable clinical templates and suggested clinical data elements (CDEs) for the order, face-to-face encounter, and lab test results to assist with documenting your medical records to support the need for Respiratory Assist Devices (RAD).

Health IT Vendors: To use the suggested CDEs, download or print and use as guidance in creating or enhancing existing electronic clinical templates within your electronic health record (EHR) system.

Providers: To use a printable clinical template, download and/or print the template, complete as applicable and file in the patient’s medical record.

Type of Documentation Download
Respiratory Assist Device Order CDEs (PDF) Draft R1.0a 4/12/2018
  Template (PDF) Draft R1.0b 4/12/2018
F2F Encounter  
Respiratory Assist Device F2F Encounter CDEs (PDF) Draft R1.0b 4/12/2018
  Template (PDF) Draft R1.0b 4/12/2018
Lab Test Results  
Respiratory Assist Device Lab Test Results CDEs (PDF) Draft R1.0b 4/12/2018
  Template (PDF) Draft R1.0b 4/12/2018
Respiratory Assist Device Appendices A and B Appendices (PDF) Draft R1.0b 4/12/2018


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