Hospital Service Area File

Overview of File: The Hospital Service Area file is a summary of calendar year Medicare inpatient hospital fee-for-service claims data. It contains number of discharges, total days of care, and total charges summarized by hospital provider number and the ZIP code of the Medicare beneficiary. The record layout in the Downloads section below provides additional details on the file.

Data Availability: This file is produced annually and is typically available in May (i.e., data for CY2017 is usually available in May 2016). The first year of data available is 2013.  

Approximate Size: 26 MB 

Compatible Software Programs: Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL/DB2/Oracle, SAS or other statistical software. (Note: Microsoft Excel or TextPad cannot be used to analyze the HSAF file)

Note: As of October, 2020, values for Total Cases and Total Charges will be suppressed for rows with Total Cases less than 11.


Calendar Year

Downloadable Zip File

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2020 Hospital Service Area File 2020 Zip File (ZIP) 2020 Web File
2019 Hospital Service Area File 2019 Zip File (ZIP) 2019 Web File
2018 Hospital Service Area File 2018 Zip File (ZIP) 2018 Web File
2017 Hospital Service Area File 2017 Zip File (ZIP) 2017 Web File
2016 Hospital Service Area File 2016 Zip File (ZIP) 2016 Web File
2015 Hospital Service Area File 2015 Zip File (ZIP) 2015 Web File
2014 Hospital Service Area File 2014 Zip File (ZIP) 2014 Web File
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