Plan Reference Guide for CMS Part C/D Systems

The topic list included on this page contains identified categories of information. For each category, a description and a list of files containing information related to the topic is provided. Click on the topic to access a detailed Table of Contents for the file list. Links to these documents are included beneath the Table of Contents. Three search filter options also are provided below.

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Topic Description File List
A. Enrolling Beneficiaries Information and detailed instructions regarding enrollment using the MARx application. Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans Communications User's Guide (PCUG) and Appendices, and Transmissions Inventory.
B. Beneficiary Eligibility N/A N/A
C. Connectivity Preparation Information and detailed instructions for physically connecting to CMS for electronic file transfers, MARx User Interface access, and MBD User Interface access. Data Exchange Preparation Procedures (DEPP), Connectivity and Access Configuration Process, CMS Connectivity for MA/PDP/MA-PD and 3rd Party Organizations, Connecting to the CMS Enterprise, MDCN Extranet DNS Reference for CMS Business Partners, Connect:Direct Setup Form, Connect:Direct Setup Checklist, Connect:Direct Secure Point of Entry (SPOE), Connect: Enterprise Secure Client (HTTPS examples), EFT Verisign Certificates, and Secure FTP SSH Client Internet reference.
D. Access to CMS Systems Information and detailed instructions on User IDs required for access to CMS systems including file transfers as well as the MARX and MBD User Interfaces (UIs). User IDs for Accessing CMS Systems, EPOC Letter, IACS User Guide, IACS Approver User Guide, IACS Helpful Hints, and the Customer Support Directory.
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