ICD-10-CM/PCS MS-DRG v34.0 Definitions Manual

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Part 1: List of CC and Major CC codes
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A000 A819 C250 C8299 D7831 F1620 H30143 I6011 I82613 K50919 L89303 M4621 M84462P M86569 N171 O4102X2 P5221 S02101K S06824A S159XXA S31021A S32511A S42036B S42362P S49029P S52135N S52291Q S52399C S5292XP S62154K S62399P S66921A S72114Q S72344C S72446P S79191K S82125N S82251A S82456B S82876N S92052B S92514P T3172 T82519A Z4821
A000CC 0002:3 codesCholera due to Vibrio cholerae 01, biovar cholerae
A001CC 0002:3 codesCholera due to Vibrio cholerae 01, biovar eltor
A009CC 0002:3 codesCholera, unspecified
A0100CC 0003:11 codesTyphoid fever, unspecified
A0101CC 0003:11 codesTyphoid meningitis
A0102CC 0003:11 codesTyphoid fever with heart involvement
A0103CC 0003:11 codesTyphoid pneumonia
A0104CC 0003:11 codesTyphoid arthritis
A0105CC 0003:11 codesTyphoid osteomyelitis
A0109CC 0003:11 codesTyphoid fever with other complications
A011CC 0003:11 codesParatyphoid fever A
A012CC 0003:11 codesParatyphoid fever B
A013CC 0003:11 codesParatyphoid fever C
A014CC 0003:11 codesParatyphoid fever, unspecified
A020CC 0004:72 codesSalmonella enteritis
A021MCC 0005:105 codesSalmonella sepsis
A0221MCC 0006:66 codesSalmonella meningitis
A0222MCC 0007:114 codesSalmonella pneumonia
A0223CC 0008:1,010 codesSalmonella arthritis
A0224CC 0009:201 codesSalmonella osteomyelitis
A0225CC 0010:2 codesSalmonella pyelonephritis
A0229CC 0010:2 codesSalmonella with other localized infection
A028CC 0011:1 codeOther specified salmonella infections
A029CC 0012:1 codeSalmonella infection, unspecified
A030CC 0013:203 codesShigellosis due to Shigella dysenteriae
A040CC 0014:74 codesEnteropathogenic Escherichia coli infection
A041CC 0014:74 codesEnterotoxigenic Escherichia coli infection
A042CC 0014:74 codesEnteroinvasive Escherichia coli infection
A043CC 0014:74 codesEnterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli infection
A044CC 0014:74 codesOther intestinal Escherichia coli infections
A045CC 0015:218 codesCampylobacter enteritis
A046CC 0015:218 codesEnteritis due to Yersinia enterocolitica
A047CC 0015:218 codesEnterocolitis due to Clostridium difficile
A048CC 0015:218 codesOther specified bacterial intestinal infections
A049CC 0016:97 codesBacterial intestinal infection, unspecified
A050CC 0017:80 codesFoodborne staphylococcal intoxication
A051CC 0018:6 codesBotulism food poisoning
A052CC 0019:77 codesFoodborne Clostridium perfringens [Clostridium welchii] intoxication
A053CC 0017:80 codesFoodborne Vibrio parahaemolyticus intoxication
A054CC 0017:80 codesFoodborne Bacillus cereus intoxication
A055CC 0017:80 codesFoodborne Vibrio vulnificus intoxication
A058CC 0017:80 codesOther specified bacterial foodborne intoxications
A060CC 0020:3 codesAcute amebic dysentery
A061CC 0020:3 codesChronic intestinal amebiasis
A062CC 0021:180 codesAmebic nondysenteric colitis
A063CC 0022:10 codesAmeboma of intestine
A064MCC 0023:2 codesAmebic liver abscess
A065MCC 0024:4 codesAmebic lung abscess
A066MCC 0025:2 codesAmebic brain abscess
A0681CC 0022:10 codesAmebic cystitis
A0682CC 0022:10 codesOther amebic genitourinary infections
A0689CC 0022:10 codesOther amebic infections
A071CC 0026:66 codesGiardiasis [lambliasis]
A072CC 0026:66 codesCryptosporidiosis
A073CC 0026:66 codesIsosporiasis
A074CC 0027:72 codesCyclosporiasis
A078CC 0026:66 codesOther specified protozoal intestinal diseases
A079CC 0026:66 codesProtozoal intestinal disease, unspecified
A080CC 0028:88 codesRotaviral enteritis
A0811CC 0028:88 codesAcute gastroenteropathy due to Norwalk agent
A0819CC 0028:88 codesAcute gastroenteropathy due to other small round viruses
A082CC 0028:88 codesAdenoviral enteritis
A0831CC 0028:88 codesCalicivirus enteritis
A0832CC 0028:88 codesAstrovirus enteritis
A0839CC 0028:88 codesOther viral enteritis
A09CC 0017:80 codesInfectious gastroenteritis and colitis, unspecified
A150CC 0029:128 codesTuberculosis of lung
A154CC 0029:128 codesTuberculosis of intrathoracic lymph nodes
A155CC 0029:128 codesTuberculosis of larynx, trachea and bronchus
A156CC 0029:128 codesTuberculous pleurisy
A157CC 0030:50 codesPrimary respiratory tuberculosis
A158CC 0031:21 codesOther respiratory tuberculosis
A159CC 0031:21 codesRespiratory tuberculosis unspecified
A170MCC 0032:67 codesTuberculous meningitis
A171MCC 0032:67 codesMeningeal tuberculoma
A1781MCC 0033:24 codesTuberculoma of brain and spinal cord
A1782MCC 0033:24 codesTuberculous meningoencephalitis
A1783MCC No ExclTuberculous neuritis
A1789MCC 0034:22 codesOther tuberculosis of nervous system
A179CC 0035:20 codesTuberculosis of nervous system, unspecified
A1801CC 0036:1 codeTuberculosis of spine
A1802CC 0037:1 codeTuberculous arthritis of other joints
A1803CC 0038:2 codesTuberculosis of other bones
A1809CC 0039:3 codesOther musculoskeletal tuberculosis
A1810CC 0040:22 codesTuberculosis of genitourinary system, unspecified
A1811CC 0041:25 codesTuberculosis of kidney and ureter
A1812CC 0041:25 codesTuberculosis of bladder
A1813CC 0041:25 codesTuberculosis of other urinary organs
A1814CC 0042:24 codesTuberculosis of prostate
A1815CC 0042:24 codesTuberculosis of other male genital organs
A1816CC 0043:25 codesTuberculosis of cervix
A1817CC 0043:25 codesTuberculous female pelvic inflammatory disease
A1818CC 0043:25 codesTuberculosis of other female genital organs
A182CC 0044:21 codesTuberculous peripheral lymphadenopathy
A1831MCC 0045:24 codesTuberculous peritonitis
A1832CC 0045:24 codesTuberculous enteritis
A1839CC 0045:24 codesRetroperitoneal tuberculosis
A184CC 0030:50 codesTuberculosis of skin and subcutaneous tissue
A1850CC 0046:26 codesTuberculosis of eye, unspecified
A1851CC 0046:26 codesTuberculous episcleritis
A1852CC 0046:26 codesTuberculous keratitis
A1853CC 0046:26 codesTuberculous chorioretinitis
A1854CC 0046:26 codesTuberculous iridocyclitis
A1859CC 0046:26 codesOther tuberculosis of eye
A186CC 0047:21 codesTuberculosis of (inner) (middle) ear
A187CC 0048:21 codesTuberculosis of adrenal glands
A1881CC 0049:21 codesTuberculosis of thyroid gland
A1882CC 0035:20 codesTuberculosis of other endocrine glands
A1883CC 0045:24 codesTuberculosis of digestive tract organs, not elsewhere classified
A1884CC 0035:20 codesTuberculosis of heart
A1885CC 0050:21 codesTuberculosis of spleen
A1889CC 0035:20 codesTuberculosis of other sites
A190MCC 0051:25 codesAcute miliary tuberculosis of a single specified site
A191MCC 0051:25 codesAcute miliary tuberculosis of multiple sites
A192MCC 0051:25 codesAcute miliary tuberculosis, unspecified
A198MCC 0051:25 codesOther miliary tuberculosis
A199MCC 0051:25 codesMiliary tuberculosis, unspecified
A200MCC 0052:7 codesBubonic plague
A201MCC 0052:7 codesCellulocutaneous plague
A202MCC 0053:2 codesPneumonic plague
A203MCC 0054:2 codesPlague meningitis
A207MCC 0055:49 codesSepticemic plague
A208MCC 0054:2 codesOther forms of plague
A209MCC 0056:1 codePlague, unspecified
A210CC 0057:1 codeUlceroglandular tularemia
A211CC 0058:2 codesOculoglandular tularemia
A212CC 0059:79 codesPulmonary tularemia
A213CC 0060:1 codeGastrointestinal tularemia
A217CC 0061:7 codesGeneralized tularemia
A218CC 0061:7 codesOther forms of tularemia
A219CC 0061:7 codesTularemia, unspecified
A220CC 0062:1 codeCutaneous anthrax
A221MCC 0063:123 codesPulmonary anthrax
A222CC 0064:1 codeGastrointestinal anthrax
A227MCC 0005:105 codesAnthrax sepsis
A228CC 0065:1 codeOther forms of anthrax
A229CC 0066:6 codesAnthrax, unspecified
A238CC 0067:6 codesOther brucellosis
A239CC 0067:6 codesBrucellosis, unspecified
A240CC 0068:1 codeGlanders
A241CC 0069:4 codesAcute and fulminating melioidosis
A242CC 0069:4 codesSubacute and chronic melioidosis
A243CC 0069:4 codesOther melioidosis
A249CC 0069:4 codesMelioidosis, unspecified
A250CC 0070:3 codesSpirillosis
A251CC 0070:3 codesStreptobacillosis
A259CC 0070:3 codesRat-bite fever, unspecified
A267MCC 0071:91 codesErysipelothrix sepsis
A270CC 0072:4 codesLeptospirosis icterohemorrhagica
A2781MCC 0073:70 codesAseptic meningitis in leptospirosis
A2789CC 0072:4 codesOther forms of leptospirosis
A279CC 0072:4 codesLeptospirosis, unspecified
A280CC 0074:14 codesPasteurellosis
A281CC 0075:2 codesCat-scratch disease
A282CC 0074:14 codesExtraintestinal yersiniosis
A288CC 0074:14 codesOther specified zoonotic bacterial diseases, not elsewhere classified
A289CC 0074:14 codesZoonotic bacterial disease, unspecified
A300CC 0076:1 codeIndeterminate leprosy
A301CC 0077:1 codeTuberculoid leprosy
A302CC 0078:3 codesBorderline tuberculoid leprosy
A303CC 0078:3 codesBorderline leprosy
A304CC 0078:3 codesBorderline lepromatous leprosy
A305CC 0079:1 codeLepromatous leprosy
A308CC 0080:1 codeOther forms of leprosy
A309CC 0081:1 codeLeprosy, unspecified
A310CC 0082:123 codesPulmonary mycobacterial infection
A311CC 0083:5 codesCutaneous mycobacterial infection
A312CC 0083:5 codesDisseminated mycobacterium avium-intracellulare complex (DMAC)
A318CC 0083:5 codesOther mycobacterial infections
A319CC 0083:5 codesMycobacterial infection, unspecified
A320CC 0074:14 codesCutaneous listeriosis
A3211CC 0074:14 codesListerial meningitis
A3212CC 0074:14 codesListerial meningoencephalitis
A327MCC 0071:91 codesListerial sepsis
A3281CC 0074:14 codesOculoglandular listeriosis
A3282CC 0074:14 codesListerial endocarditis
A3289CC 0074:14 codesOther forms of listeriosis
A329CC 0074:14 codesListeriosis, unspecified
A33MCC 0084:18 codesTetanus neonatorum
A34CC 0085:271 codesObstetrical tetanus
A35MCC 0086:5 codesOther tetanus
A360CC 0087:12 codesPharyngeal diphtheria
A361CC 0087:12 codesNasopharyngeal diphtheria
A362CC 0087:12 codesLaryngeal diphtheria
A363CC 0087:12 codesCutaneous diphtheria
A3681CC 0088:29 codesDiphtheritic cardiomyopathy
A3682CC 0087:12 codesDiphtheritic radiculomyelitis
A3683CC 0087:12 codesDiphtheritic polyneuritis
A3684CC 0087:12 codesDiphtheritic tubulo-interstitial nephropathy
A3685CC 0087:12 codesDiphtheritic cystitis
A3686CC 0087:12 codesDiphtheritic conjunctivitis
A3689CC 0087:12 codesOther diphtheritic complications
A369CC 0087:12 codesDiphtheria, unspecified
A3700CC 0089:8 codesWhooping cough due to Bordetella pertussis without pneumonia
A3701MCC 0090:124 codesWhooping cough due to Bordetella pertussis with pneumonia
A3710CC 0089:8 codesWhooping cough due to Bordetella parapertussis without pneumonia
A3711MCC 0090:124 codesWhooping cough due to Bordetella parapertussis with pneumonia
A3780CC 0089:8 codesWhooping cough due to other Bordetella species without pneumonia
A3781MCC 0090:124 codesWhooping cough due to other Bordetella species with pneumonia
A3790CC 0089:8 codesWhooping cough, unspecified species without pneumonia
A3791MCC 0090:124 codesWhooping cough, unspecified species with pneumonia
A380CC 0091:8 codesScarlet fever with otitis media
A381CC 0091:8 codesScarlet fever with myocarditis
A388CC 0091:8 codesScarlet fever with other complications
A389CC 0091:8 codesScarlet fever, uncomplicated
A390MCC 0092:60 codesMeningococcal meningitis
A391MCC 0093:16 codesWaterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome
A392MCC 0094:48 codesAcute meningococcemia
A393MCC 0094:48 codesChronic meningococcemia
A394MCC 0094:48 codesMeningococcemia, unspecified
A3950MCC 0095:16 codesMeningococcal carditis, unspecified
A3951MCC 0096:16 codesMeningococcal endocarditis
A3952MCC 0097:14 codesMeningococcal myocarditis
A3953MCC 0098:16 codesMeningococcal pericarditis
A3981MCC 0099:16 codesMeningococcal encephalitis
A3982CC 0100:16 codesMeningococcal retrobulbar neuritis
A3983CC 0101:17 codesMeningococcal arthritis
A3984CC 0101:17 codesPostmeningococcal arthritis
A3989CC 0102:15 codesOther meningococcal infections
A399CC 0102:15 codesMeningococcal infection, unspecified
A400MCC 0071:91 codesSepsis due to streptococcus, group A
A401MCC 0071:91 codesSepsis due to streptococcus, group B
A403MCC No ExclSepsis due to Streptococcus pneumoniae
A408MCC 0071:91 codesOther streptococcal sepsis
A409MCC 0071:91 codesStreptococcal sepsis, unspecified
A4101MCC 0071:91 codesSepsis due to Methicillin susceptible Staphylococcus aureus
A4102MCC 0071:91 codesSepsis due to Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus
A411MCC 0071:91 codesSepsis due to other specified staphylococcus
A412MCC 0071:91 codesSepsis due to unspecified staphylococcus
A413MCC 0071:91 codesSepsis due to Hemophilus influenzae
A414MCC 0071:91 codesSepsis due to anaerobes
A4150MCC 0071:91 codesGram-negative sepsis, unspecified
A4151MCC 0071:91 codesSepsis due to Escherichia coli [E. coli]
A4152MCC 0071:91 codesSepsis due to Pseudomonas
A4153MCC 0071:91 codesSepsis due to Serratia
A4159MCC 0071:91 codesOther Gram-negative sepsis
A4181MCC 0071:91 codesSepsis due to Enterococcus
A4189MCC 0071:91 codesOther specified sepsis
A419MCC 0071:91 codesSepsis, unspecified organism
A420CC 0103:10 codesPulmonary actinomycosis
A421CC 0104:8 codesAbdominal actinomycosis
A422CC 0105:8 codesCervicofacial actinomycosis
A427MCC 0071:91 codesActinomycotic sepsis
A4281CC 0106:14 codesActinomycotic meningitis
A4282CC 0106:14 codesActinomycotic encephalitis
A4289CC 0106:14 codesOther forms of actinomycosis
A429CC 0106:14 codesActinomycosis, unspecified
A430CC 0103:10 codesPulmonary nocardiosis
A431CC 0107:9 codesCutaneous nocardiosis
A438CC 0106:14 codesOther forms of nocardiosis
A439CC 0106:14 codesNocardiosis, unspecified
A440CC 0108:52 codesSystemic bartonellosis
A441CC 0108:52 codesCutaneous and mucocutaneous bartonellosis
A448CC 0108:52 codesOther forms of bartonellosis
A449CC 0108:52 codesBartonellosis, unspecified
A480MCC 0109:5 codesGas gangrene
A481MCC 0110:120 codesLegionnaires' disease
A483MCC 0111:91 codesToxic shock syndrome
A4851CC 0018:6 codesInfant botulism
A4852CC 0018:6 codesWound botulism
A5001CC 0112:79 codesEarly congenital syphilitic oculopathy
A5002CC 0112:79 codesEarly congenital syphilitic osteochondropathy
A5003CC 0112:79 codesEarly congenital syphilitic pharyngitis
A5004CC 0112:79 codesEarly congenital syphilitic pneumonia
A5005CC 0112:79 codesEarly congenital syphilitic rhinitis
A5006CC 0112:79 codesEarly cutaneous congenital syphilis
A5007CC 0112:79 codesEarly mucocutaneous congenital syphilis
A5008CC 0112:79 codesEarly visceral congenital syphilis
A5009CC 0112:79 codesOther early congenital syphilis, symptomatic
A502CC 0113:153 codesEarly congenital syphilis, unspecified
A5030CC 0112:79 codesLate congenital syphilitic oculopathy, unspecified
A5031CC 0112:79 codesLate congenital syphilitic interstitial keratitis
A5032CC 0112:79 codesLate congenital syphilitic chorioretinitis
A5039CC 0112:79 codesOther late congenital syphilitic oculopathy
A5040CC 0114:96 codesLate congenital neurosyphilis, unspecified
A5041MCC 0115:138 codesLate congenital syphilitic meningitis
A5042MCC 0114:96 codesLate congenital syphilitic encephalitis
A5043CC 0114:96 codesLate congenital syphilitic polyneuropathy
A5044CC 0112:79 codesLate congenital syphilitic optic nerve atrophy
A5045CC 0114:96 codesJuvenile general paresis
A5049CC 0114:96 codesOther late congenital neurosyphilis
A5051CC 0112:79 codesClutton's joints
A5052CC 0112:79 codesHutchinson's teeth
A5053CC 0112:79 codesHutchinson's triad
A5054CC 0112:79 codesLate congenital cardiovascular syphilis
A5055CC 0112:79 codesLate congenital syphilitic arthropathy
A5056CC 0112:79 codesLate congenital syphilitic osteochondropathy
A5057CC 0112:79 codesSyphilitic saddle nose
A5059CC 0112:79 codesOther late congenital syphilis, symptomatic
A5131CC 0112:79 codesCondyloma latum
A5132CC 0116:149 codesSyphilitic alopecia
A5139CC 0112:79 codesOther secondary syphilis of skin
A5141MCC 0117:209 codesSecondary syphilitic meningitis
A5142CC 0113:153 codesSecondary syphilitic female pelvic disease
A5143CC 0112:79 codesSecondary syphilitic oculopathy
A5144CC 0113:153 codesSecondary syphilitic nephritis
A5145CC 0118:183 codesSecondary syphilitic hepatitis
A5146CC 0119:437 codesSecondary syphilitic osteopathy
A5149CC No ExclOther secondary syphilitic conditions
A5200CC 0114:96 codesCardiovascular syphilis, unspecified
A5201CC 0114:96 codesSyphilitic aneurysm of aorta
A5202CC 0114:96 codesSyphilitic aortitis
A5203CC 0114:96 codesSyphilitic endocarditis
A5204CC 0114:96 codesSyphilitic cerebral arteritis
A5205CC 0114:96 codesOther cerebrovascular syphilis
A5206CC 0114:96 codesOther syphilitic heart involvement
A5209CC 0114:96 codesOther cardiovascular syphilis
A5210CC 0114:96 codesSymptomatic neurosyphilis, unspecified
A5211CC 0114:96 codesTabes dorsalis
A5212CC 0114:96 codesOther cerebrospinal syphilis
A5213MCC 0115:138 codesLate syphilitic meningitis
A5214MCC 0114:96 codesLate syphilitic encephalitis
A5215CC 0114:96 codesLate syphilitic neuropathy
A5216CC 0114:96 codesCharcot's arthropathy (tabetic)
A5217CC 0114:96 codesGeneral paresis
A5219CC 0114:96 codesOther symptomatic neurosyphilis
A522CC 0114:96 codesAsymptomatic neurosyphilis
A523CC 0114:96 codesNeurosyphilis, unspecified
A5271CC 0120:175 codesLate syphilitic oculopathy
A5272CC 0116:149 codesSyphilis of lung and bronchus
A5273CC 0116:149 codesSymptomatic late syphilis of other respiratory organs
A5274CC 0116:149 codesSyphilis of liver and other viscera
A5275CC 0116:149 codesSyphilis of kidney and ureter
A5276CC 0116:149 codesOther genitourinary symptomatic late syphilis
A5277CC 0116:149 codesSyphilis of bone and joint
A5278CC 0116:149 codesSyphilis of other musculoskeletal tissue
A5279CC 0116:149 codesOther symptomatic late syphilis
A5400CC 0121:32 codesGonococcal infection of lower genitourinary tract, unspecified
A5401CC 0121:32 codesGonococcal cystitis and urethritis, unspecified
A5402CC 0121:32 codesGonococcal vulvovaginitis, unspecified
A5403CC 0121:32 codesGonococcal cervicitis, unspecified
A5409CC 0121:32 codesOther gonococcal infection of lower genitourinary tract
A541CC 0121:32 codesGonococcal infection of lower genitourinary tract with periurethral and accessory gland abscess
A5421CC 0121:32 codesGonococcal infection of kidney and ureter
A5422CC 0121:32 codesGonococcal prostatitis
A5423CC 0121:32 codesGonococcal infection of other male genital organs
A5424CC 0121:32 codesGonococcal female pelvic inflammatory disease
A5429CC 0121:32 codesOther gonococcal genitourinary infections
A5430CC 0116:149 codesGonococcal infection of eye, unspecified
A5431CC 0116:149 codesGonococcal conjunctivitis
A5432CC 0116:149 codesGonococcal iridocyclitis
A5433CC 0116:149 codesGonococcal keratitis
A5439CC 0116:149 codesOther gonococcal eye infection
A5440CC 0122:1,146 codesGonococcal infection of musculoskeletal system, unspecified
A5441CC 0122:1,146 codesGonococcal spondylopathy
A5442CC 0122:1,146 codesGonococcal arthritis
A5443CC 0122:1,146 codesGonococcal osteomyelitis
A5449CC 0122:1,146 codesGonococcal infection of other musculoskeletal tissue
A5481MCC 0117:209 codesGonococcal meningitis
A5482CC 0123:151 codesGonococcal brain abscess
A5483CC 0124:260 codesGonococcal heart infection
A5484CC 0123:151 codesGonococcal pneumonia
A5485CC 0125:178 codesGonococcal peritonitis
A5486MCC 0071:91 codesGonococcal sepsis
A5489CC 0123:151 codesOther gonococcal infections
A549CC 0123:151 codesGonococcal infection, unspecified
A680CC 0108:52 codesLouse-borne relapsing fever
A681CC 0108:52 codesTick-borne relapsing fever
A689CC 0108:52 codesRelapsing fever, unspecified
A691CC 0126:1 codeOther Vincent's infections
A6920CC 0108:52 codesLyme disease, unspecified
A6921CC 0108:52 codesMeningitis due to Lyme disease
A6922CC 0108:52 codesOther neurologic disorders in Lyme disease
A6923CC 0108:52 codesArthritis due to Lyme disease
A6929CC 0108:52 codesOther conditions associated with Lyme disease
A70CC 0127:1 codeChlamydia psittaci infections
A750CC 0108:52 codesEpidemic louse-borne typhus fever due to Rickettsia prowazekii
A751CC 0108:52 codesRecrudescent typhus [Brill's disease]
A752CC 0108:52 codesTyphus fever due to Rickettsia typhi
A753CC 0108:52 codesTyphus fever due to Rickettsia tsutsugamushi
A759CC 0128:211 codesTyphus fever, unspecified
A770CC 0108:52 codesSpotted fever due to Rickettsia rickettsii
A771CC 0108:52 codesSpotted fever due to Rickettsia conorii
A772CC 0108:52 codesSpotted fever due to Rickettsia siberica
A773CC 0108:52 codesSpotted fever due to Rickettsia australis
A7740CC 0108:52 codesEhrlichiosis, unspecified
A7741CC 0108:52 codesEhrlichiosis chafeensis [E. chafeensis]
A7749CC 0108:52 codesOther ehrlichiosis
A778CC 0108:52 codesOther spotted fevers
A779CC 0108:52 codesSpotted fever, unspecified
A78CC 0108:52 codesQ fever
A790CC 0108:52 codesTrench fever
A791CC 0129:15 codesRickettsialpox due to Rickettsia akari
A7981CC 0129:15 codesRickettsiosis due to Ehrlichia sennetsu
A7989CC 0129:15 codesOther specified rickettsioses
A799CC 0129:15 codesRickettsiosis, unspecified
A800MCC 0130:5 codesAcute paralytic poliomyelitis, vaccine-associated
A801MCC 0130:5 codesAcute paralytic poliomyelitis, wild virus, imported
A802MCC 0130:5 codesAcute paralytic poliomyelitis, wild virus, indigenous
A8030MCC 0130:5 codesAcute paralytic poliomyelitis, unspecified
A8039MCC 0130:5 codesOther acute paralytic poliomyelitis
A8100CC 0131:162 codesCreutzfeldt-Jakob disease, unspecified
A8101CC 0131:162 codesVariant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
A8109CC 0131:162 codesOther Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
A811CC 0132:5 codesSubacute sclerosing panencephalitis
A812CC 0133:177 codesProgressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy
A8181CC 0134:11 codesKuru
A8182CC 0135:16 codesGerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker syndrome
A8183CC 0135:16 codesFatal familial insomnia
A8189CC 0135:16 codesOther atypical virus infections of central nervous system

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