How CMS Engages You

Importance of Stakeholder Engagement to CMS:

CMS is particularly interested in integrating the unique perspective and expertise of a broad range of stakeholders, including those of the person, family, and/or caregivers and the clinicians and professionals who provide care in the measure development process. The nation is best served by fostering participation that represents a broad range of perspectives—including patients and caregivers—and representation from key stakeholders relative to a specific medical condition, patient population, and/or care delivery setting. Enhancing existing activities and promoting broader engagement are critical to an ongoing and successful partnership among organizations developing measures.

CMS’ Role in Stakeholder Engagement:

CMS takes a leadership role in collaborating with a broad group of stakeholders on the development, implementation, and maintenance of clinical quality measures to make sure the measures are important to both patients and clinicians and represent important performance gaps in the targeted quality domains. CMS has identified initial priorities for each of the domains through input from multi-stakeholder groups (e.g., the Measures Application Partnership (MAP), stakeholder input from public comment on the measure development plan (PDF), and analysis of measure sets by specialty. CMS engages in development of measures through conversations with developers, review of proposed measures, review of public comments, selection of measures for CMS programs, implementation, and training. CMS also provides leading and standard practices for measure development that emphasizes stakeholder engagement, particularly at key points in the measure development process. Click on Stakeholder Engagement for additional information on how CMS engages stakeholders in each phase of measure development.

Ways to Be Involved:

There are many ways to get involved throughout the measure development process. Stakeholder engagement is critical to ensuring a quality measures ecosystem. All of them add value and we welcome you to participate in any that you choose.

  • You may be interested in measures that focus on a particular condition, population, or specialty. Identifying your interest areas can help you to focus on how and where you can provide input, experience, or expertise into the measurement process.
  • You can write a letter to the professional society or advocacy group informing them of your interest in a particular measure and request an invitation to participate as a subject matter expert.
  • You can join standing committees at such organizations as specialty associations, broader professional associations, and the National Quality Forum.
  • You can attend open meetings at NQF (see for schedules) and/or give comments at the end of each segment.
  • You can submit comments on measures currently in development or participate in the public comment period in the rulemaking process.
  • For measures in any of several phases of the development process, you can inform the process as a member of a Technical Expert Panel (TEP): Currently accepting nominations. Person and family membership on TEPs is a very important part of the measure development process. Developers frequently request their inputs. Some developers find that patient consumer inputs provide so much value to certain measures that they convene patient consumer panels to obtain that input.

Click on the following link to view or download a calendar of events and milestones related to quality measure development and management, such as Blueprint release dates, calls for public comments on new measures under consideration, and calls for nominations for Technical Expert Panels.  

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