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Page Help for Reports

Reports provide searching functionalities to find National Coverage and Local Coverage documents. To access a Report, click on the corresponding hyperlink.

Section Header: The section header can be expanded and collapsed.

Number of Records: This number represents the number of records available in a set.

'Expand All' / 'Collapse All' Links: The 'Expand All' and 'Collapse All' links are used to expand or collapse all sections or a series of sections on a page.

The National Coverage What's New Report displays National Coverage documents that have been posted or updated and deemed new within the timeframe specified by the user.

The National Coverage Annual Report displays a list of NCAs, CALs, and/or NCDs by year. The NCA year references the NCA Completion Date or NCA Opening Date. The CAL year references the CAL Completion Date or CAL Opening Date. The NCD year references the NCD Transmittal Date.

The Local Coverage What's New Report displays Local Coverage documents that were updated in conjunction with the latest database update or preceeding database updates. The Local Coverage database is updated weekly.

The Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs) Status Report determines the level and type of activity, and the number of final documents for each contractor during a designated time period.

The Proposed/Draft Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs) Status Report is used to find proposed/draft LCDs for contractors.

The Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs) Last Updated Report is used to find an LCD based on when it was last updated and for what reason.

The Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs) Service Indication Report is used to find an LCD for a particular service and diagnosis.

The Articles Status Report is used to view the status of a Contractor's Articles.

The Self-Administered Drug (SAD) Exclusion List Report is used to view a list of drugs determined by the contractor to be self-administered and, therefore, excluded from Medicare coverage by law.

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