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Important information regarding the completed A/B MAC transitions

As a result of Medicare Contracting Reform measures mandated in Section 911 of the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003, Carrier (Part B) and Fiscal Intermediary (FI) (Part A) contractors are transitioning to A/B MAC contractors.

The A/B MAC transitions completed in 2009 are listed in the matrix below. Outgoing contractors used various methods to update/retire their LCDs and articles when a jurisdiction was transferred to a MAC. Because of this, documents for outgoing contractor numbers may NOT be available under the "Indexes" section of the MCD. They can only be retrieved by doing an Advanced Search of the MCD.

The steps for locating documents for outgoing contractors using the Advanced Search are:

  1. Use the ‘Advanced Search’ button located at the top of the page to navigate to the “Search” page.
  2. Select the “Local Coverage Documents” radio button.
  3. Select Articles and/or Policies, as appropriate to your needs.
  4. Select either the state AND/OR contractor criteria for which you want to locate old documents.
  5. Select the “Date Criteria” checkbox.
  6. Select the “In effect on this date:” radio button.
  7. Go to the matrix below and look at the “Last Date of Oversight” column for the State/ Type/ Outgoing Contractor combination you are looking for. That is the last day for which the contractor had an active LCD or Article. Enter this date into the "In effect on this date:" date box. (Note: this assumes that you are interested in the last version of the document that existed before ownership of the jurisdiction transitioned. If you are interested in an earlier date you can enter that instead.)
  8. Optionally select other criteria if needed.
  9. Click the “SEARCH BY TYPE” button. Results matching the criteria entered will display.

Carrier = Part B
Fiscal Intermediary (FI) = Part A

State Contractor Type Outgoing Contractor Name Outgoing
Contract #
Last Date of Oversight Medicare Jurisdiction # New Contractor Name New
Contract #
First Date of Oversight
AL FI Cahaba 00010 05/17/2009 J10 Cahaba 10101 05/18/2009
AL Carrier Cahaba 00510 05/03/2009 J10 Cahaba 10102 05/04/2009
FL FI FCSO 00090 02/15/2009 J9 FCSO 09101 02/16/2009
FL Carrier FCSO 00590 02/01/2009 J9 FCSO 09102 02/02/2009
GA FI BCBS GA 00101 05/03/2009 J10 Cahaba 10201 05/04/2009
GA Carrier Cahaba 00511 07/31/2009 J10 Cahaba 10202 08/01/2009
MA FI NGS 00181 05/14/2009 J14 NHIC 14201 05/15/2009
MA Carrier NHIC 31143 05/31/2009 J14 NHIC 14202 06/01/2009
ME FI NGS 00180 05/14/2009 J14 NHIC 14101 05/15/2009
ME Carrier NHIC 31142 05/31/2009 J14 NHIC 14102 06/01/2009
NH FI NGS 00270 06/04/2009 J14 NHIC 14301 06/05/2009
NH Carrier NHIC 31144 05/31/2009 J14 NHIC 14302 06/01/2009
PR FI Cooperativo de Seguros 57400 03/01/2009 J9 FCSO 09201 03/02/2009
PR Carrier Triple S 00973 03/01/2009 J9 FCSO 09202 03/02/2009
RI FI Pinnacle 00021 05/31/2009 J14 NHIC 14401 06/01/2009
RI Carrier Pinnacle 00524 04/30/2009 J14 NHIC 14402 05/01/2009
TN FI BCBS TN (Riverbend GBA) 00390 08/02/2009 J10 Cahaba 10301 08/03/2009
TN Carrier CIGNA 05440 08/28/2009 J10 Cahaba 10302 08/29/2009
VI FI Cooperativo de Seguros 57400 03/01/2009 J9 FCSO 09201 03/02/2009
VI Carrier Triple S 00974 03/01/2009 J9 FCSO 09302 03/02/2009
VT FI NGS 00270 06/04/2009 J14 NHIC 14501 06/05/2009
VT Carrier NHIC 31145 05/31/2009 J14 NHIC 14502 06/01/2009
MA, ME,NH, RI, VT, CT RHHI NGS 00180 05/17/2009 J14 NHIC 14004 05/18/2009

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