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View Public Comments for Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) Therapy (Section C, Topical Oxygen) (CAG-00060R)

Gomez, Jose
Lakeland Health

I want to share with you the position of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Sociatey (UHMS) concerning this topic.

"A small body of literature has been published reporting the application of topical oxygen for chronic non-healing wounds (1-17). Frequently, and erroneously, this form of oxygen administration has been referred to as “topical hyperbaric oxygen therapy” or even more erroneously “hyperbaric oxygen therapy.” The advocates of topical oxygen claim several advantages over systemic hyperbaric oxygen including decreased cost, increased safety, decreased complications and putative physiologic effects including decreased free radical formation and more efficient delivery of oxygen to the wound surface.

Topical oxygen is not hyperbaric oxygen, and it is inaccurate and misleading to conflate the terms. Results of hyperbaric oxygen studies cannot be extrapolated to support topical oxygen treatments. To date, topical oxygen as a therapeutic strategy in wound healing is not adequately supported by scientific data. Those publications supporting its use are few in number and of a low level of scientific evidence. There are also reports, including the only randomized prospective trial, that show no benefit from topical oxygen. One study also documents toxicity to the healing wound with continued application. CMS and other third party carriers do not reimburse for its use. Before topical oxygen can be recommended as standard therapy for chronic wounds, it should undergo the same intensive review to which hyperbaric oxygen was subjected."

I personally consider that treatments like this confuse our community and Medical staff and decrease the credibility for Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment.

I hope this help to clarify any possible confusion between topical oxygen treatment and hyperbaric Oxygen treatment.