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View Public Comments for Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) Therapy (Section C, Topical Oxygen) (CAG-00060R)

Gillespie, William
This treatment modality for wound healing is cost effective, simple to use(which promotes compliance), proven effective; however, it does not have an accurate CPT code for reimbursement. The modality is continuous transcutaneous oxygen under a semipermeable membrane dressing. This is different than the old procedure of temporary transcutaneous oxygen (code E0446). With continuous therapy, the wound is never without an atmosphere of over 99% pure oxygen for as long as needed. I have witnessed the success of this device on a 7 year older ulcer that failed 7 years of conventional wound care which included venous shunt ablation. When I inherited the wound and started continuous transcutaneous oxygen therapy, it healed 9 months later. I would like to see this wound treatment modality of continuous transcutaneous oxygen have its own procedure code and be reimbursable by all insurances.